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    In regard to the issue of uniforms vs. plain clothes, as a retired police officer, let me tell you that staying in uniform is the way to be.

    This is because if the police are needed at your site, especially if a serious crime is being reported, the responding units will not know you from any bad guys, and until they do, you may very well be considered a bad guy until they know better.

    This will be unpleasant for you, and will cause the police to take away from their efforts to catch and deal with the bad guys.


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      Thank you, EMTGuard and bpdblue, for replying to my question.

      Bpdblue, I had not thought about that before, but it makes perfect sense. I think I will stick to wearing the uniform.

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        Don't feel too bad... I'm kinda in the same boat...

        On weekends, I have 5 Officers on site... 2 patrolling indoors, and 3 outdoors; But, during the week when it's not as busy (but still busy), we still get calls from store associates stating they were "lifted" from...

        Bear in mind the aforementioned plan... The mall I provide security for has upwards of 75 individual retailers, and during slower weekdays I have only 2 Officers on duty. I can do only so much if a suspected shoplifter is seen at the far end of the mall (with a convenient exit doorway) , while Myself or another Officer may be at the complete other side of the mall to include exterior patrols...

        I walk.... I mean I WALK about 12 miles per shift, and my bad, I don't regularly hear from my other Officer at times; But, on a lighter note, I did issue 2 Notice of Trespass' in the past two day, so I wasn't bored altogether...
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          1 minute & 13 seconds.... Your whole approach (as most private security should be) is to deter the incident, not react after if has happened. It would take over 1 minute & 13 seconds to react to anything you saw on a video.

          Even though I work hotel security (which has a history of plain-clothed) I belive most security should be clearly identified for deterence & as mentioned, the Officer's safety.
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            What is the person inside the store directed to do in the event of a break in and what will they be equipped with?


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              During Xmas times busy school holidays, police in our CBD work on horses for traffic control and foot patrols use the hi-vis green hats and vests. It makes a difference for the public to know the police are around. During our events work, I had special yellow and green shirts for our teams as with some 100 bodies inside a crowd of 20 - 30k, the public needed to know where we were or where they could find help too.

              Like FLC, we also had all black (hide the sauce stains) uniforms and this was done to ensure that we were not just perceived as another security firm with a K-mart shirt and pants.
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