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Security Tax Write Offs - A Car?!?!

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  • Security Tax Write Offs - A Car?!?!

    Last year my tax guy wrote off all my car repairs AND gas too.

    But can you write off a newly purchased car?

    BTW I live in California.
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    Do you own the security business? If so, you can write off the business use of the vehicle.
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      My mom is a retired IRS agent who now has her own tax service. I've asked several times about deducting my gas and cost of maintaining my car. Since it's not a company car and I'm not using it for work I can't deduct anything. Sucks since I have a 100mile round trip everyday. I left for a job closer to home this time last year. That job didn't work out for me and I returned to my long commute. If I find something better closer to home again soon then I'll quit this job again.
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        I don't have all the facts since I live 2.5 miles from work, but over some mileage limit like 20, 30, or 40 miles some type of adjustments may be deducted for mileage (or used to be). If you use your car during your working hours like many guys do at my work (but their insurance will not pay if have accident and their fault), then there seems like a reasonable cause for depreciating as well (not going to the store, but using to Supervise Patrols and the Company DOES NOT give you an alternative). I like the golf carts with lights just fine. It helps keep me awake at night, and makes me plan sequences better to supervise more effectively.

        Again, a standard deductable based on a percentage of car usage on and off work may be applicable: like square footage used in home office for percentage of all rent/utilities/ etc...

        I've got a $150/hr top accountant and it costs me $390/yearly returns (but I try to do my homework if something new for me so his staff doesn't waste time). But it saves me so much more, without worrying. There's opportunity in all home enterprising efforts (which you do need to show a profit by the 4th year, or switch efforts temporarilly, lol).
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