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  • Security In Criminal Justice

    The problem with security is people don't know how important their function is. Years ago Police were very low paying positions and thats why they got discounts on lot's of stuff. The best thing for law enforcement is the TV. It's all about perception. We do provide a public service, that fact! By doing our jobs and reducing crime in our area of responsibility we free police to take care of other areas. If all private security were taken off the streets for a while you would see a major increase in crime and public service would be overwhelmed.
    Go out of your way to look sharp! You are the message, conduct yourself as a professional and learn basic laws as well as having knowlege of your job. Get some training in tactics. In california we have the ROP center that gives us over 250 hours of training for almost free. Take good note and then study them and know them. Lawenforcement and security are both in the crime business were proactive and Leo's are reactive.
    Look sharp,act professional,and create your own perception. Be safe!

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    We are the first First Responders. Who were the first to go into the twin towers after the planes hit?
    I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
    Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.