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Casino Security in Vegas or Reno

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  • Casino Security in Vegas or Reno

    Anyone here work or have worked armed casino security either in Vegas or Reno? Care to share how it was working that environment? I'm looking for a retirement job in a few years

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    Casino work has always interested me too! So, I too am curious.

    Be Safe,

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      As an Aussie lad I am curious to know what opportunities there were in this line of work. I know there was about $1.00 an hour difference for being an armed uniform officer - and I read this on a post "somewhere" over the years.
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        I wanna know too........

        I've been wondering the same thing too.

        I've thought of moving to Nevada and becoming an armed security guard there. I figured having the retired P.D. I.D. card with the "Authorized to carry a concealed weapon" stamp would be a great asset to getting that type of job, as it allows me to carry concealed in all 50 states.

        I hope SOMEONE will provide the info we are all looking for.


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          BPD - I'll have that authorization to carry when I retire also. Seems I came up with a great question - let's just see if any lurkers respond!



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            I did a MySpace search for people who work(ed) security in Vegas and have written to several -- we'll see what they have to say.



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              From my understanding, it's extremely hard to get on with casino security. I had a couple friends apply, and get denied as fast as they applied. If you have alot of surveillance training and experience, that will make your chances that much better.
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