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    Congrats!!! Good choice of handgun too. Realize you have taken on an enormous responsibility, and you should treat it as such. Get a holster you are comfortable with and that is company approved. Someone already mentioned practice, practice, and practice, and they are right. Also PLEASE don't go into public places before or after work wearing your uniform and gun. I see alot of ppl do this and your really putting yourself ( and your company, company being the least important of the two ) at serious risk. Straight to work and home. Additionally, does your company supply body armor? And are you allowed a backup gun? Beyond that... congrats again.


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      dry fire is the only option for me since I live in a city and the ranges won't let security practice draw/fire drills. They said "it might give the wrong people ideas" or some drek. I need to get a little trigger work done too since the darn thing breaks around 8-10 lbs. It's really hard to make any groups with it at any range. But at least its reliable.
      "Complexity is easy; simplicity is difficult."
      -Georgy Shpagin, mentor to M. Kalashnikov


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        While your waiting attend a good shooting school, Theirs some good schools out their and invest in yourself. Also know your equipment and laws regarding carry and use. Their is alot of responsibility and libility involed in security and more when your armed.
        First rule with a firearm: Consider all firearms loaded, People are killed with suspected unloaded firearms all the time.
        Four safeties: Muzzule control. Finger straight(keep the mouse out of the house) mechanical safety on if a single action weapon and weapon holster or slung. That being said remember our mission: "PREVENTION" Be safe.


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          Congrats on your new Glock!

          I'm a Glocker myself and love that gun. One way to get a lot of reps for cheap is to buy the Advantage Arms conversion kit that allows you to shoot .22lr. This way you can get a lot of practice time since .22lr is a tenth the price of 9mm, and top off the session by shooting 9mms to get back to the normal recoil.