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Brinks Guard punches a man, breaks nose.

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  • Brinks Guard punches a man, breaks nose.

    The cook at our restaurant told me he saw this on the news last night. KOVR 13 in Sacramento. I looked at their website, all the other local TV news websites, the Sacramento Bee website and did a google search. I found nothing. Anyone hear or know anything about this?
    "Gun control, the theory that 110lb. women have the "right" to fistfight with 210lb. rapists. " Author Unknown

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    I haven't heard anything yet. But I will be watching now.
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      I have not heard anything about this incident either, but it would be pretty cool if it did happen.


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        Is this it?


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          In the news it said that the kid was came up and was looking at the truck, why. When I see a armor car carrier I dont even attempt going near the vehicle or the officers let alone stare at the thing. But for how the incident unfolded I don't want to make assumption wether who was right and who was wrong.


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            That appears to be it. Thank you.

            I don't want to make any judgements being that we only have the kids story. I also avoid armored cars like the plague, but the average person, much less average teenager, doesn't think that way.
            "Gun control, the theory that 110lb. women have the "right" to fistfight with 210lb. rapists. " Author Unknown


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              This kid’s story sounds fishy to me. If it's true, Brinks has a serious liability problem here.

              BTW, I recently made the mistake of surprising an armored car guard. He came out of the store quickly as I was walking by the truck into the store. (I know...I should have been thinking better )

              He look surprised and eyeballed me to see if I might be a threat. I looked down and got out of his way. Last time I'll do that.
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                I agree this does sound fishy, why would the guard exit his truck and only safety zone? There sounds to be much more than meets the eye here.

                From having been an armored car guard before I know that unless you either open the door or gun hole, it is very hard to be heard from outside, which is good when you are doing a run at a college and commenting on the ladies with your partners...

                I always watched people who were anywhere near my partner, me and my truck or paying more attention than normal.

                I think this kid is full of fecal matter.
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                  The used to be guard for brinks was arrested yesterday. It's off to jail he goes..........
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