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Even COPS don't like WALMART

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  • Even COPS don't like WALMART

    I was tuned into the local police on the scanner at work
    The dispatcher was asking the Officers in their cruisers if they wanted
    to work an extra detail for the Christmas and Thanksgiving Parade
    Most of the Officers said yes

    Dispatcher also asked if the Officers wanted to work crowd detail
    at the local High School Football game. Again a lot of the Officers
    said yes.

    As with most WALMART, our local WALMART opens at 0400 hours Friday
    morning. About four hours prior to the opening, people start lining up
    outside the store, to be on hand for the opening. At some of these
    stores fist fights have broken out with people cutting in line.
    These dolts need to be in line to get 50 cents off a C/D of
    the best of Madona, or $ 25.00 off a Dell computer

    Some WallyMarts felt the need to hire Police Details to provide some
    sense of order. Now I do not know about you, but anyone who stands
    outside a WalMart in line for four hours in weather that calls for freezing
    rain is just plain nuts. The Police also know this and rather have a quiet
    detail at a Christmas Parade detail where your biggest problem is
    that Rudolph is a good reindeer for Santa.

    When the Police Dispatcher asked Officer after Officer if they wanted
    to work a Police Detail at WALMART. Most of the Police said NO!!!!

    By the way: If your in doubt, visit your friendly WALLYMART about
    0900 hour Friday the day after Thanksgiving. Let us know how you
    made out.
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    I take it the day after Thanksgiving in the US (Black Friday?) is the same as the day after Christmas here is Canada (Boxing Day).
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      Originally posted by HotelSecurity View Post
      I take it the day after Thanksgiving in the US (Black Friday?) is the same as the day after Christmas here is Canada (Boxing Day).

      Not so sure about that. Actually the busiest sales day is the Saturday before Christmas.

      My own famliy is in this shopping mode. About an hour ago my daughter
      and her husband stopped by our home and asked if we would baby sit our grand daughter as they stand in line over night at the local Best Buy for a new notebook computer for $200. They plan to stand in line from 2200 hours till 0500

      It is fun sitting with a 8 month old in your lap typing this

      Kohls and JC Penney open up in the Boston area at 0400 hours
      I know what my wife, my grand daughter and myself will be doing at 0400.
      It is called sleeping in a nice warm bed.
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        Not going. No way. You can't make me.

        These people are idiots. First of all I get really irritated and impatient with crowds. And I would just be P O'd after getting up early, then waiting, and finally getting inside to find out I was number 26 and they only had 25 for the sale. Happens all the time. Look closely at a lot of your add, like Best Buy. Things like "minimum quantity of 8 per store) etc.

        I'll wander in to Sears tool department around 10 or 10:30. They'll most likely still have what I want. That's it. The only store I'm going to on Black Friday.
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          Black Friday is considered to be the busiest holiday shopping day. You couldn't force me to shop on that day. No freakin way!
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            I recall the major retailer I worked for and going past our competitors who were revving up the crowd with bull-horns to get them ready to open up at 0700 was sheer stupidity. The aussies will recall the olden days of retailers selling white goods (only 2 or 3) for $1.00 with the crowds 20 deep ready to surge through the doors like a stampede.

            It got banned after someone was crushed and trampled all for that chance of a $1.00 fridge or washer. (Prices have been halved since less sales tax, cheaper imports and more competition in the last 10 years). I recall taking 10 minutes to get down the escalators through our store in response to a service call on Boxing Day Sales and any thought of apprehensions was just a dream as they would have to wait for us to arrive through the crowd.
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              Black Friday I believe is so named because it gets the retailers out of the "red" in sales figures. I attempted to go last year as I had never been. Figured I would leave at 0330Hrs. And I have never seens so much traffic around our little town.

              Never doing that again, me and the family attempted to visit one store and it was insane. I understand there may be some good deals out there at some of the retailers, but for me and my family the risk is not worth it in my opinion. Too many idiots pushing and shoving, shouting and screaming and some fighting for a sale. Craziness.
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                I know when I did LP at Kmart, they hired off-duty police officers to stand by the registers, from Thanksgiving to Christmas. They would pay cash at the end of the night, and I believe it was $200 from like 1700 - 2200 hours..

                It could be something where, Walmart wasn't paying much for the protection. In the Baltimore/DC area part-time rates are $30-$50 an hour. You can get "some" officers for $20-$25, but don't even think about them to do much.
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                  Those crowds at Walmart after thanksgiving are huge, a couple years ago we were visiting my wife's family in in the Austin area and went to a walmart at around 5am. it was a mad house, we'll never do that again lol. The walmart line was so long it streched past the circuit city and got tangled with their long line...

                  As far as working off duty security details there, though, I'd do it in a flat minute if I had the chance. The Walmarts in the Dallas area hire off duty police for around $30 an hour. So they have thier LPs inside, an off duty cop in the front of the store and a contract security officer patrolling the parking lot (so the cop acts like a "two-way reserve" he/she can respond to help the LPs inside or the S/O outside).

                  Walmart (at least around here) makes the off duty officers employees, pay them by check and take out taxes (which means an off duty cop at walmart gets an employee discount too, it's win win, the officer saves money shopping at walmart, the walmart gets some of its money back lol).
                  Most other off duty jobs have you be an independant contractor and the taxes are your concern , which sucks at the end of the year and costs you some money. The grocery store I work my off duty job at does the independant contractor thing and pays cash at the end of the night.

                  The City PDs have a pretty tight monopoly on the Walmarts (and Targets and Best Buys) around here, although I know a few guys from my College District and a few others from the School District Police who work them from time to time (usually got the hook up from one of their city Pd friends). I'd jump through hoops to get one of those slots.
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                    I can't understand that for the life of me. Thanksgiving to me meant the start of a four day weekend. Camping time. Not shopping time. My holiday wish has come true. I wasn't assigned some dumbass shopping center assignment. Dealing with crowds is one thing, dealing with crowds nutting up because of greed, I'm just thankful I don't have to see it or deal with it.


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                      Walmart employees were prohibited from shopping on Black Friday at my store. This was hilarious to me, because I would simply send others to do my dirty work for me.

                      Black Friday is a scary affair that brings out the "Do I need an M-4" mentality in all working. And not just in protective services. I worked Electronics, with the 200 dollar PCs and the 200 dollar TVs. The only thing that kept order in our department was a clear, deliberate, and frequent command voice.


                      There were no police or security at my Wal-Mart, either. Just us.
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                        Originally posted by N. A. Corbier View Post
                        Walmart employees were prohibited from shopping on Black Friday at my store. This was hilarious to me, because I would simply send others to do my dirty work for me.
                        Minion army. I knew it.


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                          Walmarts new slogan We are the first step in your next yard sale.

                          A couple of years ago my brother was number 7 in line at Best Buy. The flyer stated that each store had ten video cards on hand. He was told that they were all sold out when he got inside. Good thing he has a better disposition than I do. This is a very common theme when the subject of Worst Buy comes up around here lately.


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                            Four hour traffic jam at a Best Buy in a shopping plaza west of Boston.
                            Once in the store, the line snakes around the store, and another three hours
                            of waiting. My son-in-law said it was worth it for a Toshibia Notebook computer for $225.00
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                              I was on duty as an LEO for Black Friday at our Walmart... I was there from 0500 to 0730ish, It wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. The Walmart was very innovative about how they handled it, customers were let in early and the items on sale were roped off. This way people could get to the area on what they wanted without having to trample through the doors.
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