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unarmed to armed how to convience the client.

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    Didn't we cover this already ?

    Security officers, guard patrols, event security, amber strobe lights and coffee breaks ... it's all here
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      Originally posted by Andy Taylor View Post
      Hank, do you mean "without a firearm" or is "with a firearm" correct?
      Thank you Andy! Without!

      Be Safe,

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        Can't says I blame you Hank!

        Hey UPF have we got an update on your progress with this site resolution?
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          Originally posted by Chucky View Post
          ....A long while ago I remember reading about someone taking a large steel box with a slot cut into the front. They then after hours placed it in front of the existing real box with a note that stated "Due to construction our regular box is out of service. Please deposit here" Unbelievably people did just that and were SOL as far as their money was concerned. Can't remember where this happened but some of you might remember.
          Tampa, FL - but also, in Eureka Springs, MO and maybe other places as well. Check out this link to the story.
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            Originally posted by SecTrainer View Post
            Tampa, FL - but also, in Eureka Springs, MO and maybe other places as well. Check out this link to the story.
            i've always belived that if crooks would use half the ingenuity they display in commiting crimes or getting booze and drugs, they'd be rich for real lol.

            There are private paid parking lots surrounding my college (the college itself has no parking) and from time to time homeless folks would pretend to be parking attendants and take money from unknowing people.

            One guy had a reversible pullover sweater. He would stand in the lot with the Red signs wearing the red side of the shirt, then flip the shirt to the blue side, walk across the street with to the lot with the Blue signs, and take more money.

            For a good week we couldn't catch the guy red handed, some people had cars towed off those lots but the lot owners for non-payment which is how we found out about him. We only caught a break because this lady (who was bringing her kids to a Dallas Children's Theater show) ask us "should the parking attendant smell that bad" lol.
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              It's a sad fact that as a contract security guard you are a disposible employee. Don't let some know nothing manager/client compramise your safety. Think smart! Just do what your required to do and don't put yourself in a position to be injured or killed. Out job is prevention so be seen and do what is resonalbe. Be Safe.