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Disarming the seatbelt chime in CV's

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    Originally posted by Contact View Post
    And you're in such a hurry that you just can't handle the chime for the 5 seconds while your unit comes to a stop? Come on bud, it's not that loud. Turn your prep radio up. It's not worth a vehicle modification.

    Actually, a better option that someone else mentioned over on was getting a seat belt extender for free from the dealership. Plug it in and be done with it. No vehicle modification needed.
    Okay, for one they're basically doing the same thing, with some added work. Why waste my time going to a dealership, getting a seatbelt extender? I'm pretty much almost guaranteeing they went that avenue, as they didn't know how to deactivate the chime. I can understand not wanting to do this if you're not assigned a PPV and use fleet vehicles. The whole entire point to this post here and on was to advise those that "want" to do it, how to do it. Not start a ridiculous debate over seatbelt use.
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      2003 and 2004 Crown Vics require an additional step...
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