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licensing for overseas private security?

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    Originally posted by olivera View Post
    And not sure ho wrote that,but NO , guards in Republic of Ireland ARE NOT ARMED. They are not allowed to carry even handcuffs,i have recently got contractors license in republic of Ireland,so please first of all check how reliable your friend is..Please.
    The only way guards are armed is if by saying guards he mean police as police in Republic of Ireland is called "Garda Schiohana" and sometimes they do escort for the cash-in-transit. And they also are called guards or gardii. So maybe you have misunderstood your friend.
    And for the Belfast - Northern Ireland,it is extremely dangerous place thats why cops are armed and wearing bulletproofs at all times.
    It was me who wrote it. I told my friend about the Northern Ireland cash-in transit security wearing helmets & carrying the money in sealed boxes as well as having signs on their trucks saying 'Police- please follow this vehicle' but none were armed. He told me that people working for his company Securicor, in the Republic, were armed.

    As for Belfast being a dangerous place, I walked around the downtown area at night, alone & had no problems. The large hotel I stayed at did not even have security. I arrived the day in May that Devolution took place. I even came upon a demonstration outside a place where Tony Blair was speaking & there was only 1 egg thrown at the motorcade . Hopefully The Troubles are over & things can move on over there.
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      i will repeat myself

      as i said before guards are not armed and they are not allowed to carry any arms cuffs batons etc..

      Yes cash-in-transit do wear protective helmets(very very rear in here) and bulletproofs (also rare to see that)
      only when they are escorted by army or police(garda) they are armed not personally but have armed escort
      and well Belfast is really dangerous really dangerous place man,people ho live there or in UK and Ireland may say that.. I know many family's ho where forced out of there and moved to Ireland because their religion was different and their house where burned down when they where inside and similar stuff...
      now it is probably safer because all the terroristic organisations told that they will lay down their weapons(don't believe in that)..
      And besides many hotels do not have security they get it in only when something happens or they give security job to some of their employees to save some money

      Hey i hope i wont banned for this lets stop spamming and talking about countries , lets get back to licensing..


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        I, for one, don't mind hearing about security issues in other countries. As a consultant I have International clients. I do think you and Hotel Security are at an impass.
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