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Security Abbreviations and Acronyms Thread

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  • Security Abbreviations and Acronyms Thread

    Someone had a good idea. Please post acronyms and abbreviations that you know of, related to the industry. If its obscure, please provide source. I will eventually compile them into a closed sticky thread so new users know wtf we're talking about.

    I'll start us off with...

    IFPO International Federation of Protection Officers
    ASIS American Society of Industrial Security
    CPO Certified Protection Officer (IFPO Certification)
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    IAPSC - International Asociation of Professional Security Consultants

    IACSP - International Association for Counterterrorism & Security Professionals

    CSC - Certified Security Consultant

    CPP - Certified Protection Professional

    ......and the beat goes on.
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      TAG - Temporary Assigned Guard
      TOD - Tour of Duty
      DAR - Daily Activity Report
      IR - Incident Report
      PPO - Private Patrol Operator
      PSC - Private Security Company
      CSO - Cheif Security Officer/Contract Security Officer
      PSO - Public Safety Officer (malls/schools)
      O&R - Observe and Report
      SS - Site Supervisor
      CSC - Contract Security Company
      FCR - Fire Control Room
      FCC - Fire Control Center

      therer are more, but these are the only ones i call recall off the top of my brain that i have used....
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      Its not how we lived that counts....
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        CSIS - Canadian Society for Industrial Security
        CSIS - Canadian Security Intelligence Service
        CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
        CYA - well, you know
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          I see where CSO has an alternative meaning to here in Australia.

          CSO - Cheif Security Officer/Contract Security Officer
          CSO = Customer Service Officer
          NTR = Nothing To Report
          OD = Offender Decamped


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            L/L = Landline
            PO = Protection Officer
            SPO = Senior Protection Officer
            R/C = Radio Call
            W/C = Welfare Check or Welfare Call

            Bugger I forget most of them ..................... I guess I need to wear a uniform again and go back to basics.
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              Thank you!

              I think this post is because of my lack of knowledge on acronyms, heck even on the word acronyms, for the security field, so I thank all of you for helping me to understand more on the posts here-within.


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                CSO- Court Security Officer, usually contracted to the US Marshals or Justice Dept.

                CG- Contract Guard

                SGIM- Security Guard Information Manual- your source for all info on FPS/ICE contracts. See also: CGIM

                CGIM- Contract Guard Information Manual- Now obsolete, see: SGIM

                FPS- Federal Protective Service

                ICE- Immigration and Customs Enforcement

                A/S- All secure


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                  IASGA - I Am Sleeping, Go Away.

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                    IHASS-International Association For Healthcare Security & Safety


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                      CLSD = Certified Lodging Security Director

                      CLSM = Certified Lodging Security Manager

                      CLSO - Certified Lodging Security Officer

                      Issued by the American Lodging Association's Educational Institute.

                      EMT-A = Emergency Medical Technician-Ambulance

                      EMT-B = Emergency Medical Technician - Basic

                      EMT-P = Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic

                      EMT-I = Emergency Mediclal Technician- Intermediate

                      S-2 = Me

                      S-1 = My boss
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                        Be very careful putting any stock in those. Its so regional, so industy specific. Give my an acronym and I can give you a hundred different uses.


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                          Here is some LP terms.

                          LPM- Loss Prevention Manager
                          LPA- Loss Prevention Agent
                          LPS- Loss Prevention Specialist
                          LPO- Loss Prevention Officer

                          LPQ- Loss Prevention Qualified (LP magazine cert.)
                          LPC- Loss Prevention Certified (another cert)
                          CRLPO (certified retail loss prevention officer) IFPO

                          S/L- Shoplifter
                          RWA- Recovery without arrest or "burn"
                          NPI- non productive incident (or a "bad stop")
                          DWA- dentention without arrest (in states that allow investigative detentions)
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                            RO - reported owner
                            RP - reporting party
                            ARU - alarm response unit
                            MPU - Mobile Patrol unit
                            FS - Field Supervisor
                            CL - call log
                            L&F - lost and found

                            if i can remember anymore that were used by companies i worked for ill let ya know...
                            Its not how we die that counts.....
                            Its not how we lived that counts....
                            all that matters is how we saved that one life that one time by being in the right place at the right time....


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                              S/O the obvious one Security Officer

                              DOB Daily Occurence Book... also know as the Book Of Lies

                              LWC Lone Worker Check

                              SIA Security Industry Authority (England)

                              AIO All In Order

                              GSTQ God Save The Queen (my dad puts it at the end of his DOB reports)

                              PRRPI Pay Rise Requested Probably Ingored (when the mobile S/O has visited).