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  • FireEMSPolice
    I hope I NEVER see that in our small fleet. Its bad enough we have an 07 Honda CR-V with a vinyl cloud wrap around it as a rolling billboard for a dealership. We dont need more unsafe junk.

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  • SecTrainer
    started a topic Coming Soon to a Showroom Near You

    Coming Soon to a Showroom Near You

    In the next couple of years, you'll be seeing more and more vehicles like this one, which reportedly will be on the market in 2008. It's not hard to envision the FighterCar as a security vehicle in a variety of roles.

    The FighterCar will come out in 3 versions - two hybrids and one all-electric. If the performance specs are accurate, even the all-electric is no slouch. The FighterCar is a two-seater, which is good, and it also looks good, which is NOT unimportant.

    We will need this sort of vehicle in the VERY near future as rising gas prices will make it absolutely imperative for patrol services to find cost-efficient alternatives to "traditional" vehicles. These alternatives, for good business reasons, should not look like oversized rollerskates, as many of the existing tiny hybrids and electrics do now. From what I'm seeing here, it soon will not be necessary for you to choose between fuel efficiency or going out on patrol in what the public will widely perceive as being a "clown car".

    Incidentally, this site is interesting for a lot of other links to concept cars, hovercraft, personal flying vehicles, submersibles, communication/computing devices, etc, etc....some of which will certainly come to market. The links at the bottom of the page are different on every page you surf to, so you could follow them for quite awhile. Plus, there are often links to other interesting things within the articles themselves.

    For instance, check out this three-wheeler Hawk.

    And the Piaggio MP3...

    Enjoy! I just love this kind of stuff!
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