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Cooperation with other security companies?

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  • Cooperation with other security companies?

    Does anyone else here cooperate well with other security companies?

    I work In-House mall security and we were trying to get a contract with an adjacent property. Well, another security company got it. I went and made contact with the Security Officer and we exchanged numbers to our dispatch center and to his post. This way, if he sees something on that end of our property from his post, he can call us and we can respond and we can return the favor if we see something on his property from ours.

    Anyone else use this type of cooperation/inter-operability?
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    There is another older thread on this topic. In it I mentioned how here in Montreal there is an Association of Hotel Security directors. We meet once a month & discuss common problems. We also e-mail each other photos from our video systems of suspects.
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      I couldnt find the older thread. Can anyone help?

      We have quarterly meetings with security supervisors and the LP's as required by our company, but not all LP's show up.
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        We only cooperate with one company (we're proprietary / in-house county). Hannon Security covers a building that is attatched to our hospital but it is not owned by the county.
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          at my property its a city block long theres 2 in-house security and on other contract security on the property, one is a bank, another is a hotel that has the in-house, the contract is the business building and parking garage, i have the plaza/park and part of the parking garge (primarly storage units), we all tend to cooperate well, we have each others numbers, and all our post orders say in case of ...... notify security at blank property at.... they have AED, Oxygen, firstaid kits, fire extinghisuers etc in case the ones assigned to your specific property are inaccessable....

          when memos go out about tresspassed persons all joint properties recieve them..... and we recieve theres, its a very cooperative fuction site, we may all work for diffenernet companies but it takes all of us working together to secure the block :P

          i wasnt assigned to the property but once there was a bomb threat at the bank, all the security personnal notified each other and assisted in crowd control and clearing the block of all persons..

          there are reasons why you may want to not talk to the other guards, but if they are on your block they could be an ally, the guards on the block will assist me if needed, if i call them instead of calling PD right away altough they dont have to, they will its nice to have 4 other security deparments, helping ya out if you needed to at last resort...
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            Discussions of guard services business management, from liability to employee relations, contracts, client relations and more...
            "Alright guys listen up, ya'll have probably heard this before, Jackson vs. Securiplex corporation; I am a private security officer, I have no State or governmental authority. I stand as an ordinary citizen. I have no right to; detain, interrogate or otherwise interfere with your personal property-... basically all that means is I'm a cop."-Officer Ernie
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              In the opening of a new mall, we counted 9 different security companies with different retailers and I made sure that I contacted the external security and internal mall security with a contact name and number of those SHTF cases. We all had our clients but when we had some lost kids, a simple phone call helped to bring the kids together faster and with some stolen bags, we found them outside the entry door in a bush, all was recovered in the same day.

              When we worked on a business park the patrol security company would call in to check on us or ring us every so often for a welfare check and we would do the same for the isolated weekend guard who would appreciate the hourly welfare checks. Eventually we got the contract and retained him for the post only for him to report of what we had been doing for months - not strictly SOP's but all documented.

              We usually have the MY COMPANY IS BETTER THAN YOURS BS that goes with many security staff. Most pay absolutely terrible and they employ thugs who know nothing better than assaulting people when they get the chance. Their supervisors are thugs and the company managers are just glory boys in their new BMW's. Apart from sharing a site with another company (external for building sites), I have always tried to stay away from being too close. Oh and those mall security idiots who are just contracted out for 20% below award wages are usually replaced every few months with a new contract so I don't bother.
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                I feel that we are working for a common goal and should have as much interoperability as possible. For example, we had a PO'ed customer yesterday because he bought a T-Mobile cell phone and didnt like it after a few days. He brought it back to the store where he says he paid $4xx.xx cash for it . T-Mobile's policy is to refund via a corporate check. He wanted CASH. Finally the regional manager shows up and sends him to a T-Mobile store at a mall 7 miles away where cash is kept on hand. I called that malls security to advise in case he causes problems there also.
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                  With 1 retailer, we had alot of Asian business people who would use foreign VISA cards that looked different to others seen before. Some of these came from HONG KONG Banks or credit unions but all were different and bright coloured. 1 woman came in, demanded the best notebook PC we had for $9k and when she was identified by another sales member as a woman who had placed a hold on a $3k HDD camcorder, ignored 2 other sales staff who recognised her as the same customer. She simply turned around and walked out and was followed to the exit by my team. 1 telephoned a colleague LPM at a competitor who met her in his PC section as her VISA card registered invalid. She ran off and he split the VISA reward with me for the fake card. They also had a close call with losing an $8k notebook you can now buy for $1,400.
                  "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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                    At my post. I work for , I am in house county hospital armed security. There is also Medical building security and the building we are in has security so there are 3 different agancies. We all have one radio frequency here and respond to each others calls as back up. We exchange information regularly and being that I am the only armed officer here I often respoond to all calls with them. It works out well here.
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                      There is very little cooperation with other agencies in the area. The reason is pretty simple, we (CIS) are the only ones who do what we do. The other agencies do not use the systems and phylosophies we use. There are "competitors", but when they make a mistake, LE confuses us with them ( similar uniforms, vehicles and light bars). It can be a nightmare at times.

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