Last night, two of our contract cleaning crew members had their vehicle windows busted on a public street. They weren't even on "our" side of the street.

They seemed to want me to do the whole dog and pony show of bringing out the digital camera and making a bigger deal of it than it was. I notified the police here on their behalf (neither speaks good english) and they told me exactly what I thought. Since it was an after the fact damage to property incident with no suspect info they won't send a squad, but ask that you call back during normal business hours to file the report over the phone.

I made a note of our involvement in our daily shift report. I came on tonight and and one of the officers we were relieving said he had read that a couple of contractors had their windows broken but couldn't find the report. I told him that the reason he couldn't find the report is because one wasn't written. I told him that since it happened on a public street it was out of our "jurisdiction" so to speak and that we would be entering a slippery slope if we started taking reports on such items, especially for contractors.

Had it been a Company employee that wanted a report or involved something other than a property crime (ie: employee harassed while walking to their car off-site), I would have made a report.

The officer seemed taken aback a bit that I didn't take pictures and make a report.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this