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  • Armed Security Only???

    Anyone else out there refuse to work anything but armed security?

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    I'd work either armed or unarmed for the same pay I get now.


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      I prefer armed only. Unarmed are just targeets in my mind. I do feel there are needs for unarmed but not in the type of security I do and like.
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        I have to agree. I am there as some sort of authority, and refuse to be a victim of some skell that I am there to protect others from!


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          Originally posted by Arff312 View Post
          I prefer armed only. Unarmed are just targets in my mind. I do feel there are needs for unarmed but not in the type of security I do and like.
          It depends on your definition of Unarmed are you talking about everything except a firearm as unarmed or unarmed as in a slick belt. Ive worked section 8 wearing everything except a firearm. Their are a few incidents i Haven't been able to handle because I wasn't carrying a firearm. But majority of the situations where force is needed its non lethal.
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            While I prefer to be armed, most armed posts around here dont pay the 15.00/hr with 100% medical and more sick/vacation/more time off than you can shake a stick at, so till one does, I'm happy here.
            "Alright guys listen up, ya'll have probably heard this before, Jackson vs. Securiplex corporation; I am a private security officer, I have no State or governmental authority. I stand as an ordinary citizen. I have no right to; detain, interrogate or otherwise interfere with your personal property-... basically all that means is I'm a cop."-Officer Ernie
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              With our strict gun laws and the breeding of armed idiots within the industry, I take it on an assessed risk such what is necessary to complete my tasks. I have worked CPP right on a VIP during a book signing or public appearance and have had armed officers in the crowd posing as media fools to be close enough to the VIP without impending on their security restrictions (some insist on no firearms around their family members).

              To be armed here for CIT work it means a whopping extra $2.50 US rounded up / hr and unless you go to extreme risk sites don't expect to earn much more than that. Add together the mentally challenged idiots whom I meet down at the range and I suddenly becoming less happy at ever returning to armed work ever again.
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                I've seen plenty of sites that don't require an armed presence.

                Would I like to have ccw and be armed while off duty? Most of the time I'd answer yes. But I still go about my life unarmed and don't worry too much about it.

                Life is about making constant judgments about risk. I could have a safe room, bullet proof windows etc, but my risk assessment just doesnt justify it.

                Otoh, put me in an apartment complex in a bad neighborhood and my risk assessment changes quite a bit. That I wouldn't do unarmed.


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                  I think most of the public & even a majority of people on this forum see the majority of our work being "police like". I see this being only a part of my duties. First aid, safety, reporting employees breaking company rules etc etc take up more of my day to day work than law enforcement.

                  Being Canadian I don't have a choice. The only armed security now a days in Canada work for armoured car companies.
                  I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
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                    I'm not yet licenced or anything but thought I'd weigh in.

                    I'd prefer to do unarmed - infact I doubt I'd do armed... However, I want to do dog handling and I personally consider a dog to be far more effective than a gun.

                    As an example, lets say I was out being rowdy and inconsiderate I'd rather be confronted by security with a gun, than a dog and I'll be more likely to follow what the dog handler says than the guy with the gun.


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                      guns are a good tool.

                      I look at being armed as just wearing an important tool of the trade. BUT, it is an oh so important tool, because when, and if, it is ever needed, there are not many things that can fill in for it, and there is often no time to to get help to take care of the situation at hand that you need the weapon for.

                      A gun in the care of a good person is a good thing.


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                        Primarily, most of the armed work I know of in this State is related to cash escort/transit, and while some companies pay their crews handsomely others do not... weighing up the inherent risk factors, I'm happy to be a well paid unarmed SO
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                          I don't have a preference. I carry a gun at al times when off duty so having one while getting paid isn't a big deal. Many officers I've worked with have said that they don't want anything to do with armed work.
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                            I appreciate the information received about firearms here from expert professionals, but don't think the jobs requiring firearms are worth the $1+ extra in pay. You actually make less money when considering licenses, firearm/ammo, requalifying, and/or firearm transportation logistical time.

                            Security is cool because of unlimited job demand, free time on 3rd shifts (study hall periods), and wide variety of people interaction. Those are inherent strengths. Many make other opportunities out of Security, but those are not easy nor probable in most situations. Working two or three occupations these days, Security is what pays the bills in hard and in-between times.

                            LE would be the best job for firearms imo, and SO's are playing against the odds in a targeted uniform carrying a visible sidearm. Our uniforms look just like Police if you are not 350 lbs and over 80 years old. I would rather be standing tall and looking good, while giving directions, waving, and giving "all appears secure" radio transmissions in the exclusive up-scale sites. They can afford to be overmanned and underutilized ;-)

                            I don't want to alarm anyone carrying a sidearm, but you are just an escape goat of liability for a corporate accountant. Your life is a writeoff for a minimum Workmans Comp settlement, if someone fights the system to get it; and your company gets a significant profit for that liability, which you will never see. In fact, you will likely never break even with all the costs associated with carrying sidearms. And those that do, or the few who profit, have placed a profit value upon their life every time they step into a 7-11 going to work. Good luck.


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                              I prefer armed, however, if I don't see an assignment as particularly risky I will do unarmed, for the right pay. The thing with the gun, just like a kevlar vest, you don't need it very often, but when you do need it, you need it very badly, and right now.
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