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  • For School Security Officers

    Interesting article on visitor control in schools for those who might not have seen it....
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    When I had the contract for the private college building, my biggest issue was unauthorised visitors and those coming on campus and looking like students. We had an asian gang come in 1 day with me ejecting the ring leader out physically and informing him if he came back I would be targetting him (dumb move I know) but it worked fine and the local street gangs KNEW the staff and I meant business as we spoke to the community leaders and told them - you target our students - we target you via the police. We had an understanding with these local gangs and they stayed right away from the campus. We had ID cards but the students refused to wear them and the teachers were useless telling me it is not in their job description. I warned the collegue powers that be that this will lead to an incident and it did when a student was attacked over money (mainly chinese students) for a loan he did not pay back from a gambling debt.
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