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    During last night's shift, I was on patrol of one of our commercial sites. I observed a white male stealing diesel fuel from a commercial vehicle and placing it in his silver Dodge Ram pick up truck (We have had a rash of diesel/gas theft from company vehicles recently in the Tampa Bay area). I made contact with the subject who identified himself as a transport company employee. He provided his CDL when asked without incident. As I walked to the rear of his pick up truck to transmit his vehicle's tag to my dispatch center, the suspect fled in his truck. Unfortunately for this guy, he left his ID behind because I still had possession of it. I called for my back up and HCSO to investigate the fuel theft. My dispatcher had taken the information and ran this idiot's background. He has numerous priors for trespassing, theft and a miriad of others misdeanor and felony priors. I looked around and found a pile of human feces next to the company vehicle. It was later determined that this suspect and vehicle have been seen elsewhere for theft on commercial properties throughout the Bay area. Futhermore, leaving his "calling card" at the scene of the other thefts (The Mad Sh!tter). Up until my contact with him, they only had pictures of him on CCTV systems and no name. His ID was given to the investigating deputy for his report. Hopefully, I will have more information for you all soon.

    Be Safe,

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    Well unlike most morons in similar situations at least he didn't leave his ID at home, his wallet was lost or stolen just last night, left it in the other truck, or didn't have to show you because your "only a security guard" (some people are so uneducated) the only thing left for this clown is a most honorable nomination for the 'idiot of the year award'. At least he's got my vote.

    Nice catch Hank!
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      Yes we have had a few of those who were arrested, fled after fighting with the LP staff, dropped their wallets or bags only to find inside their parole papers, or court attendance papers or something from the welfare agency. I would call the police and report my findings under the supervision of a witness where the wallet was found. My colleage in another company reported a male who was taken by the police and argued with them before being placed inside their car and before driving off `backed one out` inside the car .............. when they got a bit physical with him. He always reminds me of being nice to an SL until the police arrive and take over.
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        Originally posted by Hank1 View Post
        Unfortunately for this guy, he left his ID behind because I still had possession of it.
        Whenever I contact someone suspicious, I'll put the persons ID in my shirt pocket for that very reason. If the person asks for it back, I tell them they can have it back after I finish my business with them.
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