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School Burglary Suspects Arrested by Security Officers

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  • School Burglary Suspects Arrested by Security Officers

    Hey all. Had to come in and brag, as these are 3 (story incorrectly says 2) of my co-workers. Unfortunately I'm still on day shift, so I wasn't a part of the action this time.

    LONGVIEW, Wash. -- Two security company officers helped nab the suspects in a burglary at Cascade Middle School on Friday.

    Police said an alarm sounded at the middle school at 2:24 a.m. on Friday.

    Columbia Security Company officers responded and said they found a door busted open and shattered glass from classroom door windows.

    They said they spotted two teens who tried to run, but they were able to hold the two teens at gunpoint until Longview police arrived.

    Police arrested the two teenagers, who they said tried to steal three $3,000 LCD projectors.

    The security company officers said they found a large duffel bag, a hammer used in the burglary and the LCD projectors when they responded.
    Link to first story (complete with video):

    There was a second story printed, but the link is down at the moment for some reason. It went into a bit more detail, however, mentioning that the teens also had a sawed-off shotgun in their vehicle. Pretty messed up stuff.
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    Originally posted by ValleyOne
    BANG, next thing you know Bob's your Uncle and this Sgt is seemingly out on his a$$.
    Shoulda called in sick.
    Be safe!

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    Pass the kudos around for me. Great job!
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      Very nice work, and a good newspaper article too. Can't ask for much more than that.


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        Excellent job all round, video, newspaper article and police commendation letter to Columbia Security Company. In a perfect world, security would always look like that, but then in a perfect world there would be no need for security in the first place.
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          In my state, many schools are vandalised or torched over Xmas break (Summer for us) with minimal security services during this time and over weekends. Then when the kids are caught we need to feel sorry for them or because they had a hard life .............. bring back the cane - not to hit but put the fear of god into them. The latest BS going on now is rock throwing over an overpass onto vehicles at 60mph - a few people have been killed and this is not just kids but 30 year old men doing it.
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            Well done!
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