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    As I write this, the Boston area, is being slammed with hurricane force
    winds, with wind gusts of 90 M.P.H., from Hurricane Noel.
    Real fun driving a Nissan Sentra on Interstate 95.

    At midnight I have to go out in this fun stuff.

    And in about 5-6 weeks we are in the thick of winter
    Blizzards, wind chill factors well below zero.

    Gotta love what we do.

    On days like this I should have listened to
    Dad, and have been an Accountant. Now is the Debit on the left side
    of the ledger, or right side of the ledger?

    Okay Boys and Girls. Tell me your worse weather story. Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    Sorry to hear about the bad weather.
    What really sucks is that Tennessee, where my father lives, and neighboring states are in the worst drought in decades. They could really use a nice slow moving tropical depression to come in from the Gulf of Mexico and sit over them for a few days.
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      The year that Florida had three hurricanes (04,'05?) in three consecutive weekends. We staged up in hurricane safe buildings every Friday afternon until the weather passes and we were out on patrol. Basically, the only vehicles out were ours and emergency vehicles (it was safe to be out). Flooded streets, traffic lights out and waves of periodic heavy rains from the outer bands. Downed power lines and trees. Especially just east of us in the cities of Lakeland, and Winterhaven and even some places to the south. The Tampa Bay area was very lucky that year ( every year). Not only do you have to be careful with the people you deal with hieghtened emotions, but always becareful where you step and look up often.

      Be Safe,

      " We are determined that before the sun sets on this terrible struggle, our flag will be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom on one hand and of overwhelming force on the other" - General George C. Marshall


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        Originally posted by copelandamuffy View Post
        Okay Boys and Girls. Tell me your worse weather story.
        I don't really have a bad weather story to tell personally. I could recount how, as Hurricane Katrina was bearing down on us I got a call from my supervisor telling me that he was going in to work Sunday night (the night before the storm) and expected me to relieve him Monday evening. I was like, "Man, I'm packing up my car and we are evacuating. If the plant is still there andy you survive call me." That Monday Katrina came ashore and the City of New Orleans flooded. Fourty Miles northwest we were high and dry, well a bit wet from the rain but not flooded. I got home and found a part of a oak tree had fallen on my front porch

        and my old Ford Tempo I had left parked in the driveway.
        I got help from a friend clearing the tree and got everyting back in order.
        Tuesday morning I got a call from my supervisor. He was Alive. Alive and screaming for a releif. I drove down I-10 Tuesday afternoon and had to get through 3 State Police roadblocks before finally reaching the plant. Trees and powerlines were down all along the highway and nobody had power or phones. Somehow my supervisor had a signal on his cellphone and was the only one who could talk to the outside world except for me with my ham radio. I was able to contact the ham radio station at the local EOC and let them know that our steel mill was still largly intact. My supervisor had sat out the storm in the guard shack while winds with gusts of over 110MMPH blasted around him.
        The following morning, wednesday, I got off work and tuned my ham radio to a repeater I use daily for my commute. My girlfriend/spouse Tena answered me and told me she was at the Ascension Parish EOC manning the radios which would prove to be a link between stations in the greater New Orleans area and the State EOC in Baton Rouge. We went home for the day and she returned to the radios that evening. Meanwhile I was drafted into a shift as a communicaions officer Wednesday evening at the shelter at Lamar Dixion Center in Gonzales, La where more than 2,000 evacuess and hundreds of police and relief workers would be housed for the next few weeks. I was there for about 18 hours and was ready to go home by the time I was releived around 11am Thurdsay morning.
        So I guess that's my worst weather story.

        Be Safe,
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          Sorry nothing compares to what you get in the USA with your weather but I do recall working on 1 site and I decided to park the corporate mercedes and the National Security Managers cars under the truck loading awnings which ran 1000 feet in length. I moved them on my own accord as it was supposed to hail that night.

          As I lived locally I knew the hail was bad and got a call from an onsite colleague telling me I am wanted to front up on Monday for a meeting with the Nat Sec Mgr. He then told me the Business Park sign had been smashed to pieces with the hail and was some destroyed as sparks showered the carpark. All the cars got hail damage except his (under shelter) and the 2 I had moved. I fronted up to see the CEO and Nat Sec Mgr plus our company boss who were there to hand me an award for saving their company cars from damage. I just did my job and knew it was a hail storm coming but never thought they would be the size of baseballs. As I left the CEO passed me the keys to the Merc and said "ok bring it back Friday night". I drove that car everywhere for the week and even washed it before I took it back.
          "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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            Watching FOX 25 News in Boston
            It always amazes me that home catch on fire in hurricanes.
            Local police state arching wires may have caused this

            It also amazes me these dolts who stand on seawalls in these storms
            Some wave heights were reported to be 30 feet

            Hey there's Mike standing on the seawall. Hey there's Mike being swept out to sea.

            Also it is fun to watch idiots try to drive their cars through puddles
            Nissan and Toyotas don't float
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   Greatest Comedy team ever!