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Any MI Wackenhut SO's from 28 years ago here now?

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  • Any MI Wackenhut SO's from 28 years ago here now?

    "CBS affiliate WWMT correspondent Scott Noll reports all four men on trial this week were found guilty in the attacks that witnesses say stemmed from jealousy over Chandler's alleged relationships with other guards staying at the former Blue Mill Inn where she worked.

    The prosecution said Chandler, 22, was abducted and taken to a party at a nearby home, where she was gang-raped and strangled.

    A snowplow driver discovered her body a day later, about 35 miles south of the west Michigan city.

    The men convicted in her slaying were Wackenhut security guards who were staying at the inn. "
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    The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine!
    Many police have stated on Court TV's Forensic Files that crimes that took place some 30 years ago or more will be solved through the use of forensics and dogged police work and the persistence of loved ones.
    Good job on this one.
    Enjoy the day,


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      I remember seeing the special air a few years back. I'm from this area and as a TWC officer it pains me. I'm just glad those %^&$&$&er's are headed to jail.
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        I have personally worked with a couple of the detectives on this cold case team. Their dedication to this case has finally paid off. It was a job well done.