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  • Licencing, Training and ease of Entry [QLD]


    I reside in Queensland (which is in Australia) and know there are a few from QLD that frequent this site so wanted to ask a few questions, if you don't mind taking your time to answer

    Is a Certificate II in Security Operations (Guarding) the way to go as a first step in this industry? There is one of these courses starting at my local Tafe (see link below) but I am unsure if this would be a wise move as security companies also offer the course. The cost is only $355 or so - I do not want to do bouncer work at all but have no real issues with anything else. The Tafe also offers Certificate III in Security Weapons but I assume that is a "follow on" course where the certificate II must first be completed, Is completing the security weapons a good option? I can't imagine I'd be comfortable carrying out security work that requires a firearm but you never know - after completing the course I might feel otherwise.

    They also have a further study of investigative services which I assume is private investigator work?

    I don't intend on staying in the industry for a life time - minimum 4-5 years, maximum is really undecided but can't imagine it'd be more than 7-8 years but would possibly continue on as part time/casual night time/weekend work.

    After completing these requirements how sought out are entry level security personal (I am on the sunshine coast) and especially in full time work (or eventual full time work)?

    The course at my local Tafe starts in 3 weeks.

    ETA: Thought I'd add my age, 19.

    ETA2: Also adding that I am interested in security dog handling but from my general reading thats only recommended for experienced guards?

    Any advice would be great!

    The course:
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    Bummer - a close colleague is a Qld Sec Trainer and she is in the USA right now - I will see what I can do to email her and find out what I can for Qld specific stuff.

    I am in NSW and Cert II is your first level and minimum requirement to get a licence. TAFE's normally take longer to complete the course than a private company and may cost more. There are heaps of opportunities to work in security and this could be from monitoring, cctv, static (site posted), retail or corporate concierge or even hotel (think hilton) work.

    I said the same thing - I would never do this beyond 25 and used it as a 2nd income but loved the work and 20 years later it is my profession which encompasses everything I experienced before. The old saying is you need to crawl before you can walk and trust me - it takes years to walk in this industry. Even after 20 years I am still learning to walk better.

    Some Sec companies have open days or information days - I would suggest you have a look at these first or even look at a traineeship which pays you to learn as well. Cert III Inv. will lead you into PI work but again you need to crawl before you can walk and knowing the industry and having patience should be 2 pre-requisites. FYI carrying a firearm on duty is a major issue in Australia with our very strict laws and these people earn about $2.00 more an hour for all of this extra trouble.

    Not sure about Qld but the security industry in NSW is like the taxi industry - for everyone who leaves, more will enter the industry and 50% will leave within 12 months or be kicked out for acting like wankers in the field. It is not an industry for tools but I would suggest you go looking at the state wage awards in QLD and be prepared if you work f/time to work long hours but still make around $40k AUD if you work rotational 12 hour shifts.

    Couple of things - I was made a supervisor at 19 so age means nothing and to be a K9 handler you need to do another course (hey they love to make money from you before you do a shift).
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      Thanks for that!

      For the dog work you need to do one of these:

      However, for me it appears that the trouble is companies don't like it because the initial dog cost is high and training costs are even higher then the handler leaves. I'd happily pay for the dog to use them be locked into a 4-5 year contract for the work so hopefully that will help me get into that.

      I'll be on tomorrow to reply some more,



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        Please feel free to private msg me if you wish to and let me see what I can find out for you with my friend who is a trainer.

        K9 work is drying up in Australia due to liability issues though I would take a 4 legged Glock over any firearm anyday. I recall my old event days when I would take over the handling of a colleagues dog whilst he went on breaks and then felt like Moses parting the Red sea to keep the trouble makers away from the patrons.
        "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu