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  • Name a new security company

    Anybody have any catchy names for a security company stored away in their head??
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    Do I get a consulting fee?

    How about Minuteman Security?

    "Always present, always ready"

    That's worth at least 50 cents...
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      My advice is to stick with something that doesn't sound like a mom and pop outfit like Jones Brothers Security or Cal's Security.

      You might also want to give thought to having a company that has a name that starts with a letter towards the beginning of the alphabet for better yellow pages placement.


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        I always thought that it would be a great idea to have something in the company name that took ownership in your community, without actually using the city name of course!

        One idea that I had for this area was Emerald Coast Security & Patrol.
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          I always liked the name William Gibson coined, Intensecure.


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            I like Latin, because no matter who F'd up the company, at least it has a cool name.

            2 ideasjump out at me .

            #1. Tepidus Corpus Security Group. (Tepidus Corpus of course being Latin for Warm Body )


            #2. Eximius Ninjatius Protective Services (Eximius meaning extraordinary or Super and well, their is no Latin word for NINJA so I made one up )

            As long as the client doesn't have a Latin to English dictionary I should be fine ........
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              Task Force Security

              Joint Cheifs of Security


              Blackhawk Security
              Tomahawk Security
              Chipahawk Security

              You can come up with anything...

              I prefer "community name" security though like

              Olsokahasahalionona Private Security or Olsokahasahalionona Private Patrol or Olsokahasahalionona security serivces
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                Safe and Secure


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                  "Alright guys listen up, ya'll have probably heard this before, Jackson vs. Securiplex corporation; I am a private security officer, I have no State or governmental authority. I stand as an ordinary citizen. I have no right to; detain, interrogate or otherwise interfere with your personal property-... basically all that means is I'm a cop."-Officer Ernie
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                    As BHR alludes to, incorporate the name into what services you provide. In this day of google, someone may just type in what service they are looking for.

                    Go through the yellow pages and make sure your name is not close to another being used for security or other businesses. You would not want to be called Regent Protection if there is a Regent Model & Escort service or something close. Or maybe you would
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                      "Subsisto Reluctor Security Services"

                      #2. Eximius Ninjatius Protective Services (Eximius meaning extraordinary or Super and well, their is no Latin word for NINJA so I made one up )
                      I looked, and apparently the Latin for "Ninja" is "Ninja"...
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                        Too bad you're not forming a company that goes after kiddie p0rn merchants. You could call it "WhackinSmut".

                        Just by way of kicking ideas around, remember that you don't have to call your company name anything that has to do with security. You can have both a company name and a service name, or division names. This approach gives you maximum flexibility for further expansion and growth.

                        For instance, you could call your company "Corporate Special Services" and have divisions under that:

                        Investigative Division

                        Security Patrol Division (if your company were "Corporate Special Services", you would mark your cars "CSS/SECURITY PATROL DIVISION" along with a small/modest sized shield, and the company phone number on the rear fender (ala "911" on LE cars) or something like that, and you'll still get all the "ad" value from your rolling stock that you want).

                        Security Guard Division

                        Alarm Division

                        Executive Protection Division

                        ...etc. Of course, you could also expand into other areas completely:

                        Bonded Janitorial Services Division
                        Bonded Temporary Help Division
                        Secure Document Destruction Division (big market!)
                        Secure Property Management Services
                        Business Disaster Recovery Services

                        We have a company in the Northwest - Parker Corporate Services - that has a security operation as well as multiple other corporate services including several of those mentioned above and even including an answering service. Under the "umbrella" of their corporate name, the company is not "locked in" to just a security operation and are in a position to evaluate virtually any business opportunity that serves their basic client base. It's an interesting and unique idea, in my opinion...and I would venture to guess that they are always looking for new opportunities to expand in this way.

                        Whatever you select, make it something that's businesslike/professional - and, I would suggest, relatively low-key. And there's nothing wrong with using your own name. Let's see now, who else has done this...? Oh, yeah, I know:


               there's plenty of precedent. We think of these as "good security names" now because, well, they're big, well-recognized security companies. They weren't when they started, though, were they? They CREATED the association in the public mind between their names and "security".

                        You can call your company "Smith Corporate Services" and the only thing that determines what people associate with the name is how well you run your company and how you publicize your services over time. On the other hand, you could call it "Smith's All-Fire Holy-Moley Bet-Your-Bottom-Dollar Absolutely-Best Security Service" and the name will NEVER actually become associated in the public mind with security if you don't actually run a good security service. No name you select will ever SELL your services, but a poor choice of names certainly can drive people away. IMHO, quiet professional competence is a better image than loud proclamations. "In-Your-Face Security" - either as a name or an image - really won't impress or interest very many people.
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                          When I formed my 1st security company it was events only so it was Events Management Specialists as it also did production work as well. I actually traded a nice p/t income off that business and ended up selling it for alot more than the $300.00 plus a mobile telephone I started it with 3 years before.

                          Forming my own company, I wanted something that could be used for all clients including special event, corporate, global and above all sounds neat, clean and tidy. I recall 1 company I outbid for a contract for a few simple reasons: MY company sounded better / My client porfolio was not photocopied of full of BS / I initially used a virtual office to commenced with which sounds prestigous / I delivered on my demands and we did not supply security guards (always use a secondary company for low income jobs). Even now if I take on some p/t consulting, clients are amazed to think we do not have world wide offices but this again the client list I am hoping for.

                          If you have ABC Marine Security and you wish to do patrol work on land then you need to think about it for your company name and if you call yourself ABC Security Guards and you wish to offer consulting, it sounds a bit mum and dadish to me. Go for a snappy name that says YOU.
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                            When I owned my security company I named it after the historical name of the community I lived in. The new owner kept the name.
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                              Think Big

                              How about something big, like,

                              Universal protection services,

                              with a name like that you automatically include guard services, body guard services, alarm services, ect.