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    Good advice on the basics of what questions to answer when writing a report; but if you know the answer, don't forget 'How.'


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      Report Writing

      I have a Report Writing Basic Training Module. I have been trying to create these training aids for security officer basic training. I can email this to you if you like. I think the file is too large to post here. I have others if you like this one. You can find all the modules I have done so far at You may have to sign on as a member. And feel free to use anything you find at the site. You can email me at [email protected].


      Originally posted by N. A. Corbier
      Learn how to write good reports now, so you have a basic understanding when you take Reporting Writing for Criminal Justice.QUOTE]

      I thought about this and giving the wbc's only provide little I/R writting or none at all.

      With a new s/o starting in the field they are only taught who, why, what, and where concept.

      I had gotten burnt when I first started out and have learned the values of this concept.

      When I was able to help s/o's that were assigned to me, I ried to stick to some of the basics such as follows.


      Who reported it?
      Who was involved?
      Who discovered it?
      Who committed it?
      Who assisted with the incident?
      Who is the victim?
      Who summoned you?
      So on and so on


      Why was the act or crime committed?
      Why was the act or crime reported?
      Why were the witnesses unwilling to talk?
      so on and so on


      What Happened?
      What cirme was committed?
      What did the suspect do or what were his action?
      What do the witnesses know about the incident?
      so and so on


      Where did the crime or act happen?
      Where were the witnesses?
      Where was the victim>
      Where is the offender know?
      Where did the complainat come from?


      When did it happen?
      When was it reported?
      When was it discovered?
      so on and so on

      Does anyone have or does there agency have this type of report writting tips?
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