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    Just checking in

    Kingsman, I'm just checking in to see how you and your other co-workers are doing.

    I hope everything is as well as can be, and that this incident has not caused you or the other guards any loss of pay, or loss of jobs (by the job site switching companies, or being forced to go unarmed.)

    Hang in there, time does help to heal all.


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      [QUOTE=Mr. Security;43454]Yes and no. QUOTE] I cut out the rest to make it shorter.

      So is it better to have a depressed, anxious or god forbid, suicidal pilot, LEO, Security person or whatever on the job and hiding his/her condition and not seeking help? Perhaps agencies with this protocol should seek out if (A) the med's negatively affect the employee, or better yet (B) let a Doctor corporate or otherwise advise weather or not an employee is fit for duty. Do they not have an occupational medicine departments to oversee employee health? Keep in mind things are different up here too, but It works.

      Be it a job related injury/illness or non job related. that forces an employee to take time off or have modified work. The employee is still going to require a doctor's permission to go back to work, a simple Yes or No Mr. Smith may fly/continue regular duties or not is sufficient. A doctor is the best person to make these decisions not the company.
      In the case of LEO's or any emergency service for that matter how would Post Traumatic Stress affect the employee's future? It's symptoms are very similar and often include many of the symptoms and tragic outcomes as previously written in this thread.
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        Rotational shift workers have a shorter life-span and reported a higher suicide or alcohol / drug dependence that 9 - 5 workers. I should be rich with the free `old man` services I have delivered for colleagues and few close friends. 1 former colleagues wife rang me in desperation as her husband was hitting the bottle and had been depressed since I resigned from our employer and he was forced to resign over internal politics when he was targetted by management with dirty tricks.

        I drove the 2.5 hours to his house and let him have it from our friendship point of view and as an outsider who did not want to read the paper to find his name in the obituraries. He has always been fired up and would often vent on me (better me than a customer or another staff member I always said) but had the utmost respect for me and was very protective of our team - like I was. 2 hours later he was crying his eyes out telling me it was affecting his health. We changed the topic and he told me about meeting his wife and where he was when he found out he was going to be a Dad again.

        I think as colleagues we need to keep a watch on the behaviour of our workmates and even then some people bottle it up or just work longer hours to forget their personal issues (done this before) but at the same time there is only so much a person can do.
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          Kingsman, I'm a little late in reading about this. My condolences to all involved. I've never known someone who succeeded in ending their life, but I have known someone who made multiple attempts. Depression's not an easy thing to live with, whether you're the person who is depressed or just someone in their life.

          Best wishes to you and your team.
          That's a direct quote. Not word for word, but the gist of it.


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            This was probally 4 months ago my capt just hired her dad as security officer. Great guy well like funny had first time to talk to him told me about health problems this was on a friday he said "hopefully knock on wood wouldn't happend to him". Next Day I heard my supervisor calling people take over his shift becuase suffer a massive heartattack. And this was first week by himself he was Pronounce dead on seen. That was pretty tragic that happend us as security family where i worked lost of a co-worker and a family member to her.


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              Do I need to say more?