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  • ccw---shoulder holster

    this is for any of you guys with your carry permits. i have a shoulder holster for my beretta 92 first shoulder holster and i am not sure what i am doing wrong but the back of it is always creeping up the back of my neck. was wondering if anybody had any pointers on how to properly adjust the thing

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    There are many, many different designs of shoulder holsters so without knowing what make & model of holster you have it may be difficult. Is it a horizontal, or vertical design? Does it have tie downs? Is the harness a simple elastic band or one of the X shaped ones? A properly adjusted X harness will be nowhere near your neck. It helps to have someone who can make the adjustments for you while you are wearing the holster, with gun ammo, cuffs, knife, or whatever other accessories you will wear with the harness. This is much easier than trying to remove it, adjust, put it back on and repeat. Do not go cheap with a shoulder holster. Every cheap one I have ever seen is extremely uncomfortable. You get what you pay for. YMMV.
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      Mate I also carried a 92 - but had 3 holsters for CCW in CPP.

      I tried a leather one which was about $200 US and it was legendary it was fitted for the frame and it had belt clips so it would not ride up (not x backed).

      Uncle Mikes make a good one and I think the other one I had (got from the USA) was a Safariland (would have to go look). Yes what you pay for is what you get in comfort but you need to look at things such as the cut of your shirt, coat, suit and the like and even your trousers. I had my CPP suits made o/seas to have the suit coat cut bigger for the shoulder holster and yes they are bad in summer if they are riding up on you.
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        A little help for your holster.


        What you might want to try is laying out your holster on a table in a way that would be the same as if you were wearing it. All the straps should be flat, and the holster should be facing in its' proper direction (as if you were wearing it.) If it does not all line up nicely some of the straps might be inserted through the wrong slots on the holster, OR, it could possibly be that the holster set up is for someone who is opposite handed from you (ie- if you are right handed the holster could be for someone left handed.) If you have the package the holster came in check to see if it states its for left or right handed persons.


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          yea its an x back leather horazontal with no tie downs i will have to get the ol lady to try adjusting it when i am wearing it... should it be hanging low or higher u in the arm pit or dont it matter lol all my holsters are hip and iwb ones that y i haveing trouble adjusting this one lol lol