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  • Grrrr

    So yesterday I was told not to show up at my post. Today I gave the keys to a supervisor and gave him a run thru of what goes on. He couldn't tell me what was going on. Later I get a call from from my boss saying he didn't know what was going on either but he'd find me another post. So I've been removed from my post with no explanation whatsoever, not fired, not even reprimanded, disciplined or anything else. Of course I understand my employer can do almost anything they like and I have two options. Wouldn't bother me I just knew what the heck it was. Oh well, hopefully my interview later this week gets me the heck away from this company. Thanks, just had to vent a bit.

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    maybe youd did your job to well so they have to get less knowledgeable people... has happened to me..
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      Unfortunately, a client can have a guard removed for any reason, or even no reason.
      A friend of mine was a Field Officer for Pinkerton in the 1980's and was told by a client - a jewelry store manager - to remove the guard because he was big and ugly and was scaring the customers.
      When my friend got to the jewelry store to relieve the guard, there were cops there taking a man into custody. The ugly guard caught the guy trying to boost a Rolex!
      The first words the manager said to my friend were "so are you his replacement?"
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        It has happened to me and not for bad performance but with butt kissers wanting the premium sites rather than some scummy venue. In 1 case I was informed I was being demoted, transferred, and it would happen soon. Naturally I asked why and was informed the client was unhappy with me.

        Having a good relationship with the client I spoke to him directly (I was shift commander on a p/t basis) and he hit the roof when he heard the BS lies I had been told. He was ready to cancel their contract when I informed him I had my own work to go to was not too worried for myself.

        This happened another site with the brother of another butt kisser who asked to be moved to another site closer to home. He also wanted my Shift Commanders position (told me on shift 1) so butt-kissed his way by 3rd shift when I was informed I would be taking up a new post (it was a blessing in disguise) and then I found out the truth behind the move as he was promoted but last 4 weeks when the staff threatened to strike on him.

        I would state your case to your Ops Mgr and just say you enjoy the work with the company but need to be treated fairly as you may just shift without notice to another firm.
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          You might have seen something going on and didn't realize it at the time, but somebody did.
          Someone might have been playing "hide the salami," and thought you might beat their time.
          Nothing in writing, just wait for a different assignment.
          Enjoy the day,


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            Originally posted by UtahProtectionForce View Post
            maybe youd did your job to well so they have to get less knowledgeable people... has happened to me..

            Me too....
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              Craig, sorry to hear.

              Happened to me once as well, I was working mall security. My supervisor called me up saying the mall manager doesn't want you working there anymore, no reason either. He also told me "your a good employee, use me as a reference any time". I spoke with the mall manager and still came out not knowing why I was dismissed from the site.

              Now the supervisor and I work for the same (not same as above) inhouse company making nearly 4 times the wage we made there 8 or 9 years ago. Still to this day as we reminisce of the fun times at the mall, no reason was ever found.

              The joys of contract???
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                Ive been replaced a few times for not speaking spanish... *sigh*
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                  Originally posted by Ron Jessee View Post
                  Ive been replaced a few times for not speaking spanish... *sigh*

                  No hablan espaƱol?

                  Craig333 - That's hardly fair, you're expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner, yet they can't extend the same level of courtesy to you? how are you supposed to self assess, monitor & improve your performance/work practices without feedback?

                  Personally, I'd be actively looking elsewhere... perhaps chat to some of their employees first to gain a better picture of the company
                  "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill


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                    There could be a million reasons why you have been reassigned. It could have been something you did, or didn't do. It may not even be your fault. You may never know. Just simply carry on......

                    Be Safe,

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                      Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of contract security. This is common, unfortunately. It may be that your boss really doesn't know the reason, but must abide by client wishes in order to keep the contract. And what Utah said, is a very common reason.
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                        Well since they've given me another site starting next week, I have to think its the client. Still it would be nice to know what it was. Was it something I could have improved on or done differently? Probably not. I will stop by sometime and see who replaced me. If the interview goes well I'll be out of contract security soon.

                        Come to think of it, I have found some exit doors propped open lately, maybe someone didn't like me interfering with that.


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                          I was removed from a site by the contractors site manager because I did what he wanted done and it slowed things down more than he liked. Rather than take it up with me, he just had me removed.


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                            You will probably never know WHY the decision came through as the amout of BS that flows in the industry to cover up things could fertilize Central Park for 100 years, but word will filter through those who remain onsite. Trust me, gossip will flow and you will hear more about what was behind the decision.

                            Good staff are hard to find and even harder to retain and if they were paying $50.00 US an hour, you would have a conga line of good staff waiting to join - so to find and train up a good member of your team costs time and $$$.
                            "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu


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                              Originally posted by NRM_Oz View Post
                              Good staff are hard to find and even harder to retain
                              A happy professional employee not only provides an excellent company image, they can also generate additional company net worth/growth through efficiency, mentoring & as a positive influence for new employees...

                              Money well spent IMHO
                              "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill