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Relocating to Colorado, looking for possible security work

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  • Relocating to Colorado, looking for possible security work

    Hey everyone, first, I just want to say that I'm completely new to this site and could hardly believe my good fortune upon finding such a great resource filled with a wealth of information.

    That said, I am posting this with the hope that some of you may be able to help me or lend some advice. I apologize if my questions have already been asked, I did my best to search for any similar topics and was unable to find any.

    I am currently in Wisconsin working as a Security Supervisor for a rather large insurance company. The wife and I are relocating to Colorado in or around February and I would like to continue working in the security industry. Right now we're looking at moving to either Colorado Springs or Grand Junction. I really couldn't find a whole lot about any openings in Grand Junction but in Springs, I found that Guardsmark and Allied Barton Security seem to be the ones looking for help at the moment. I have also heard of possible security work at the Broadmoor in Springs.

    Now for my questions: Does anyone have an opinion on either one of these companies? What type of accounts do they hold? (I don't expect account names, just an idea of whether they do primarily industrial, office building, special events, etc.) Does anyone know of any security companies that may be looking for help in or around the Grand Junction area? Any other information would be greatly appreciated as well.