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Making "stops" or "contact" via vehicle.

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    Originally posted by jeff194307 View Post
    Excuse me but I feel this way about this discussion. If a security officer wants to do traffic stops, then he should quit security, and complete the required process to become a peace officer.
    Some security officers will tell you it has absolutely nothing to do with what he wants or doesn't want, but has to do with what his client wants, as he is acting as their proxy, "Agent of the Owner". The only question for the individual really is if he is properly trained, equipped, and has sufficient legal protection provided by said owner.
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      Originally posted by BadBoynMD View Post
      Don't quote me 100%, but I think you have to have a letter from the client, written to SLED as to why you need red and blues. I suppose they are looking for one of your contractual agreements being running traffic.
      Its not "why you need them," but the client authorizing the State of South Carolina to enforce law on those roads. The traffic statute specifies that a property owner may inform the state that they want public law enforced on their private roads.

      At that time, the security officer (as a state traffic law enforcement officer), is authorized to enforce state law on the property as it pertains to the traffic code.
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        We make contacts and stops in our community. Some examples are, neighbor disputes, juvenile curfew, not wearing a bicycle, or skateboard helmet, speeding, suspicous behavior, etc.


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          Reminds me of the Driving Permit I got from a local police station in Thailand. It was a high risk area and I got a blank permit for $5.00 US that legally was a licence to drive back in Australia. I got pulled up coming home from the airport in Sydney for an RBT and when I produced this licence to drive, I was waved on (though I had a full licence for home).

          I can tell you now that most people who saw red and blue lights in the middle of the night and could not identify the vehicle as a LEO vehicle would be on the phone calling your 911 immediately. I know it is something I would be doing and I would be trying to get my buttocks to a cop-shop.
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            In ma, if i flip on my over heads (yellow and green) and the person stops thats their issue. you dont have to stop for yellows and greens, how ever if you are doing this you better have a good reason such as "Excause me ma'am, you just smashed into my patrol cars bumper." <--- True Story.