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    Originally posted by Bill Warnock View Post
    By separate correspondence, you will get the latest chapter in the saga, "As the stomach turns," relating to sleeping guards at nuclear sites.
    Your "chapters" are always revelational, Bill. The best things in my email any day!
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      Wow they should hire me instead. Personally I make it my business to nose around every room on my rounds. So when my key didn't unlock their door I would have asked quite a few questions. Not to mention this being in a parking garage you would think patrols would have noticed them building it to begin with?
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        What is behind door #1

        One site I had to fill in for on a 3 night w/emd stint, had me counting keys as it was shutdown so no1 was around for the 3 days. I was so bored I counted the keys and put them into numerical order on all 2 main sets plus the spare and found a few spares. No1 every conducted a patrol at night but I decided I need to know if there was any HAZMAT things to worry about or I should know where emergency shutoffs were (great training not !!).

        On the 2nd night I noticed a room which had slits of bright white light poking through above and below the door frame and thought it might have been a staff gym or meal room as the building was isolated and disused apart from pallet storage. I pushed the door open to be hit with a hydroponic nursery so to speak. BUSH !!!!!!!!!! More Bush that the White House ......... and it was up to the ceiling. I looked around and quickly exited logging my patrol to the site register and counting down the time until my relief came onsite.

        He commented on about the room and said we could buy some if we wanted to. I just grabbed my bag and said goodbye. Around 2400, a new S/O came onsite unknown to me for training and was going to work o/t as well as staff had called in sick. He asked about cabins for rent down the back of the property off a back road. He pointed to a map and said cabins were for rent from the foreman for staff for $100.00 a week for cash. Power had been hooked up via the near by warehouse and water was being piped into them from the ammenities block. I signed off and drove out glad to not return again. 2 years later I was flying home for work when I read in the paper, the police raided the complex with a meth lab, 2 crops, and stolen cars.
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