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  • Confict of interest?

    I interviewed for a job at a local (large) hospital. Contract security. Pay was good, benefits were good. But, they were only hiring temporary/on call. Not so good for me. Anyway, they even mentioned I'd need other work, but that I could not work another security position as it would be a conflict of interest. Never heard this one before and was wondering if anyone had any insight into why they might take that position.

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    They don't want you to go work for another contract company, and provide them with insider information on their clients.

    Honestly, it does make sense when you think about it.
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      If you want to stay in security, you could always search for an in house position to go along with this new job. I worked in house full time and contract part time for years and they never had a problem with it.

      I even knew of people that did work for a couple of different contract agencies at the same time but just kept it on the QT and the office never found out.


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        The only reason to be on call is hours and ot. Otherwise, it doesn't make 'cents': its has suckers appeal written all over it.


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          That kind of thing might be fine for some just starting out, or has a wife that works. He also mentioned that a guy that started for them in 2004 just finally got made permanent. I'll keep looking


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            They want to control you

            Most security firms I have worked with have had some control over WHOM you may do any extra work for. 1 firm had me on-call for their RM and investigations work and I crossed out this clause in my contract as it did not apply to me. Basically they want you on call so if you don't accept their call up when they contact you - they can wipe you off the books. I was told this by the Ops Manager and I said if you can get me a $50k US a year retainer then I will consider becoming full time with your company. I did sign up for a guaranteed 100 hours of work a month which ensured those lean times were covered.
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              Also, different posts have different policies and procedures. Your employer may be worried that, in the heat of the moment, you may "forget" where you're working at and take an action that they deem inappropriate, but learned through your training with the other job.
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