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  • Dumb as Dumb can be.

    Suggestion: Don't bring a fake bomb into an International airport,
    and call it "Art Work", because your local college calls it career day

    This woman should get 5 years in the Big House with the tuffest
    women prisioners. Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    It honestly did not look all that threatening to me.


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      well, if she wasn't a criminal before- she'll be one when she gets out...
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        Intelligence quotient 200. Common sense quotient -10. The reporter from Boston on CNN this morning stated she had an extremely high IQ, hence the foregoing remark. You're right Ron, bright young thing yesterday, tomorrow convicted felon.
        Enjoy the day,


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          It is amazing what even the most intellegent people do, even after a post 911world. And the MIT spokesperson stated that Boston is full of idiots. Apparently there MIT! Oh! I forgot, Columbia too!

          Be safe,

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            I can't help but feel disgusted and repulsed. I am also in full favor of maximum sentencing.


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              Anyone notice the smug look on the suspect's face. You know she thinks she's going to get off lightly. She needs to be made an example of, I hope she is convicted and sentenced to some prison time.

              It appears that the media and politicians are backing the police on this issue. I wonder if the police would still be backed if they ended up having to shoot the idiot.

              Stay Safe.


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                Think what would happen if the Massachusetts, and Boston police
                did not react, and this was really a bomb?

                And what if this same jackass got on a plane headed for Chicago.

                No one in their right mind walks into one of the busiest airports
                in the world with a fake bomb strapped to their chest. Boston' Logan
                airport has hundreds of flights in and out of Logan to and from Europe
                on a daily basis.

                By the way, WBZ-TV, the local CBS affiliate in Boston did
                a tracking poll, and 84% of the respondents commended the
                police for their actions.

                53% of the same respondent felt they should lock up this little
                girl and toss away the key.

                My wife and I fly in and out of Boston' Logan airport
                at least twice a year. Our daughter, grand daughter and
                son-in-law fly in and out of Logan quite a few times a year.

                It is always comforting to see the Massachusetts State Police
                on patrol.
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       Greatest Comedy team ever!


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                  This is a computer circuit board with flashing lights on it. This is part of modern fashion, hell, I had a pin 10 years ago with a circuit board in the shape of an Enterprise (star trek) emblem on it. If you go to any Science Fiction or Anime convention you are going to see hundreds of these type of things.

                  And the fashion industry is moving toward putting computer operate equipment in clothing. What are you going to do when you see the first hoodie with an Ipod wired into it?

                  welcome to the computer world!


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                    Originally posted by kingsman View Post
                    ...And the fashion industry is moving toward putting computer operate equipment in clothing. What are you going to do when you see the first hoodie with an Ipod wired into it?

                    Welcome to the computer world!
                    You raise a very interesting point, Kingsman. Wearable electronics are already on the shelves with a lot more ideas in the pipeline. I haven't seen any security assessment on this issue, such as what effect such devices might have on RFID readers and other sensors, etc., or what the counterintelligence implications might be with respect to wearable surveillance and other collection devices, etc., etc.
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                      Alright, I saw the picture of the "device." Its a breadboard with a 9 volt battery, some LEDs, two resistors (to protect the LEDs), and some putty.

                      The bomb squad, once they got ahold of it, probably laughed their asses off.

                      The truth is, though... In the middle of a crowded airport, can you (with your non-enhanced human body) zoom in on the device, circuit trace the components into the bread board, take a spectrograph of the material, and determine the weapon is not a bomb?

                      This isn't 2036 yet. So, how are we supposed to determine what it is without reacting in the way that prevents a detonation?
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                        well if it was a videocard, which is completely open, you'd see that there is nothing to detonate. But I bring up videocard because a friend of mine back an art school had a videocard stuck in his clothes and the luggage was hand search. apparently PCBs (circuit boards) and electonic components are all explosive because he was detained.

                        But with putty you say? yeah that's plausible.
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