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    I don't have one.
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      Cripes, Koolaid- and NO is Spook Central to begin with. And I MEAN GHOSTS.
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        It has been a couple years since this was posted to so there have to be plenty of newbies and fresh stories to add.

        I work at a building that used to be a hospital until '95. All the guards have seen things. I have heard toilets flush with no one on the whole floor but me, hear people talking in a room and stop when I opened the door, had an electric door nearly squish me that hasn't had power to it for a decade, gone after people in restricted areas to find they have disappeared into empty rooms or around corners that are no longer there, call lights come on that no longer have power or a switch, heard whistling in empty hallways, heard screams, usual things like that.

        There is a doctor that still wonders the halls, I see him regularly. I described him to a nurse who has been here for decades and she knew him and told me he was a doctor that died prematurely. He used to peak in our office every day. Our back is to the door but it is around a corner and we have a mirror to see someone when they come in. Usually he'd show up in the mirror and when I turned around he'd be gone. Before they tore down the rectory a nun would show up on the 4th floor on the day that someone would die, without fail. When the chapel was there no one would go into the bell tower above the chapel, no one, for years it was that scary.

        I have seen people disappear in front of me. Another guard has seen a green mist. We had a new hire that would not work at night nor would he go into the basement, ever. He was so scared that he quit once he started working alone.

        There is a thread in's Ask-A-Cop section
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          I worked security at Stanford Medical Center and one night I was standing outside our office reading the bulletin board. My Supv (and actual expert on things unexplained-really) was sitting in the office at his desk. The hallway was empty and I saw someone walk past me and felt a tap on the shoulder. I looked around and nothing. I immediatly accused my boss, who was still sitting behind his desk, which is around the corner from the door and 20 feet away of doing it. He calmly explained that it was a common occurrance in this hallway. I laughed and of course did not believe him.

          I turned and began reading again and felt the tap and saw the movement behind me. Again, nothing. My boss called over to ENG and the night ENG guy came up and confirmed the story and added a few details. Seems there is a playfull spirit that likes to roam the basement area and tap shoulders every once in a while.

          The second time, while I was a cop, was during the funereal for my partner who was killed in the LOD. While at the memorial service, in a sheltered location, with NO WIND, his wreath flew off the stand, (not fell), went sideways, and landed face up, his photo in the center. I knew that he was there that day and being a joker.


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            The hospital I work at is very active. A small boy hangs out in one of the stairwells and talks to people. He said "Hi" to me one morning. I've also heard from former patients that he comes into their rooms at night as well. Footsteps like a woman wearing high heels will walk by you in the ground floor hallway with no one being there besides me.

            They all seem to be benevolent, so I don't have a real problem with it. But I have to say the footsteps walking right by me in the hallway at 0330HRS really excited me!


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              When i was 12 or so i lived in this house with my parents. In the guest bathroom at odd times day or night and regardless of season, you would hear a dramatic hammering.

              It sounded like someone was pounding on the walls. This went on for a few months and grew more frequent. We complained to the landlord, who sent out their maintanence guy.

              He swore it was a loose bracket on a pipe in the wall, and promptly opened a hole in the wall (much to my families dismay, the hole making sounded EERILY like the noise we would hear).

              Now upon opening up the wall he could not find ANY pipe, or anything in the wall that could account for making that noise, but he turned the water on and off, and flushed toilets etc, claiming that if it didnt happen while he did this, it must be fixed!

              Now the noise didnt return until a week or so after he left, and it only happened once but it was doubly loud. Well my brother said the "ghost" was freed by this, and therefor we werent haunted anymore.....

              The very next saturday my mother woke up, and there was strange jewelry on her nightstand (a ring and a necklace). Now being the amatuer sleuth i was even at that age i asked her if we could go to one of the coin shop appraisers in town and see if they could tell us anything about it.

              We arrived at the jewelers, and he said " This stuff is beautiful antique, its about 150 years old, where did you get it"

              We tried to tell him the story, and i think he thought we were nuts , but he did offer us $400 cash for it.

              I being the not to smart kid thought about it. My mom politely said "No thanks" and we left.
              I asked my mom why and she just smiled. That night she took the items and put them on her nightstand, and lo and behold, in the morning her stuff was back, and the other stuff was gone.

              She still thinks to this day someone was trying to tell her something, but she was sadly unequipped to hear it.

              This wasnt some hearsay, or some apparation, this was honest to god physical objects......


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                The elevator ghost

                I worked in a very old office building when I got out of college. Every night, the elevator would start going up and down betwen the 3rd floor and the lobby constantly - even though there was only one tenant on the floor, and he was never there past 10:00pm. The elevator company supposedly "fixed" the problem several times.

                Turns out the floor used to house a big law firm. The founding partner died in his office, late one night. The firm moved out or dissolved. Anyways, one night I'm walking the floor, and I say out loud, "Hey man, I'm sorry you croaked here, but I'm just the night guard and the elevator thing is really creeping me out. Can you knock it off for a bit?"
                The elevator went back to the lobby and was still for about two hours...and then started going back to the floor until morning. Dang attorneys...


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                  I don't have any ghost stories. Never worked a haunted post.
                  Hospital Security Officer