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    The college that I work at has lots of stories that no one can explain. These stories are mostly in regard to two of our oldest buildings. I personally have not expierienced these events, but others swear that they happen. The college was founded in the 1850's.
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      A few years ago I worked Security at an all girls college which was formally a hospital and the top 2 floors were the psych ward. There would be some nights when I would lock a door, check it and when I was walking away you could hear it unlock. I always felt that I were being watched and always heard footsteps late at night when nobody was around. I talked to a few of the other security officers who had the same experience.


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        Originally posted by Chucky View Post
        Everyone knows that ghost can see in the dark so that rules out them turning on the lights. And we all know that ghost can walk through walls and don't need to open doors so there goes that theory.
        * shakes head *

        I've personally experienced, unexplained noises (like growling), small female child's voice, lights that switch back on, call bells that work in rooms that don't have one (and haven't for years), electronic devices playing up (ie. record player altering speeds), children's toys operating OR moving independently, candle flames that turn 90 degrees & unexplainable footsteps

        Whilst I've never experienced anything working as a S/O, fellow officers have and reluctantly shared their experiences for fear of ridicule (as some people often do with things they don't understand), such as doors locking OR banging loudly & children crying (in an empty site), being physically struck when no-ones present, as well as full blown apparitions

        I once was a sceptic... and openly voiced my disbelief of such as nonsense one evening, proposing that if such were true a child's toy would move, well it did, so I challenged for it to happen on 2 more occasions... IT DID! at that point I didn't push my luck any further, and have been witness to odd events ever since
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          Never experienced anything on duty, but have lived in three houses that were occupied by something or someone other than my family. And have had experiences beyond those houses.
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            I do not think that I have ever saw anything spectoral or ghostly or heard disembodied voices while on duty. However, I deal with real people in Tampa and that's scary enough for me! LOL!!

            Be safe,

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              Crazy lady out on 60, I forget the name of the Island, there was a Day's Inn, Hampton Inn, and Hollday Inn there. Bahama Momma's behind it. She was plenty scary, she kept a butcher knife in her damn teddy bear!
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                Our beloved Field Supervisior died in August. He snarled like a junk yard dog,
                roared like a lion, but beneath surface was a baby kitten

                He was the kind of friend you wanted, and the enemy you feared

                He and I always had healthy and good working relationship.
                We cussed and called each other bad names, but we were good friends.

                At his wake, I cried like a baby. He was that important to me.
                Later his boss told me I was one of his best workers.

                I was working at a Sub-Electrical Power Stations about a week after he died
                Station. It was 0400 hours on a Sunday morning. This is one of those
                details you sit in your car all night Guarding the site. It was also
                at this time you fight to keep from falling asleep

                About this time I heard off in the far distance I heard the rumble
                of thunder and lightning. The storm I believed was ten miles away
                And remember at this time I was sleepy. Just as I closed my
                eyes for brief moment, bang--flash--and the ground shook

                I have never seen a bolt of lightning that bright and thunder that loud

                Recall what I had written. My Field Supervisior had died recently,
                We cared for each other. Field Supervisor's job is to see if
                the Guards are awake

                To this day, I swear it was my old Field Supervisior from another
                place waking me up.
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                  I stayed in a haunted hotel for 2 nights in Keewaunee, WI. Does that count?
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                    I used to be a nurse before I went into law enforcement. The hospital that I worked in was about 40 years old. Anyway, there was this nurse that had been there for approximately 30 years. She told me when I first started that on a good day in the hospital, about 10 people died. If you do the numbers, this equals about 146,000 people. I know it sounds high, but after working there for about three years, it's a VERY realistic number.

                    All kinds of weird stuff used to happen in this place. I've heard stories about how our floor used to be the pediatrics floor, and if you are there late at night, you may hear children's voices, or even see them running down the halls. We also had one room, where we had a guy hang himself with his restraints. Unknown whether or not it was intentional. However, since this occured, this room has had all kinds of CRAZY stuff happen. We always tried not to put patients in there unless absolutely necessary. One night, we had just had a patient discharged, and housekeeping had come in and cleaned the room and made the beds. After sitting in the hallway doing paperwork, not 10 feet from this room, I noticed the light was on. When I went in to turn it off, both beds were trashed. Sheets were everywhere! Needless to say, I got the heck out of there! I also had a little old lady in the same room one night, who was unable to talk after a massive stroke. While standing in the hallway, filling out her chart, I heard a really deep voice coming from the room. When I went in, the TV was off, and she had no radio. REALLY creepy!

                    In another room down the hall, I had an even stranger thing happen one night. Earlier in the evening, I had a patient transporter come to the nurse's station, and tell me that he had just seen a shrouded figure in the window of this room. We all thought he was nuts! However, about two to three hours later, we heard a loud slam come from the room. Immediateley, the patients daughter came running from the room, screaming. When we reached her, she stated that while sitting with her mother, she observed the bathroom dor swing open very slowly, by itself, and then SLAM shut. She declined to re-enter the room, and said that she would call her mother from home, or she would see her the next morning. Sadly, her mother passed away, just minutes after she left. The strange thing was, she was only in for post-op observation, for a knee-replacement. She had never been sick a day in her life!

                    Another strange occurance that happed on this floor, was a frequent patient's passing. The elderly woman was an oncology patient, who had been in and out of the hospital for the past two years. Needless to say, she was well known and very well liked by our staff. Several weeks before, she had been discharged, and we had not seen her since. We had all just assumed that she had gone home and passed away, as many of our cancer patients do. However, she soon found her way back to our floor, and in very bad shape. One night, she had passed away. The nurse and aide, went in and prepared her body for her family to come the next morning, and tucked her in to the bed, turned out the lights, and closed the door. However, a few minutes later, I noticed that the door was open, and the light was back on, so I turned it off and closed the door. As soon as I sat back down, the door was back open, and the light was on again! So, after going through the same steps again, I sat beck down. Much to my amazement, It was the same thing, lights on door open! Finally, I went into the room and closed the door behind me. Once inside, I told the dead woman, "You are gone now. Your pain and suffering is finally over. You should be at peace, and have no reason to hang around this place where you suffered so much. Go now and be at peace with your loved ones." Believe it or not, the door stayed closed, and the lights out for the rest of the night. What was funny was, I don't think that she quite understood what I meant. When her daughter arrived the next morning, she said that she had been awoken during the night by the bathroom light repeatedly coming on. Maybe she was just giving her the smae goodbye that she gave us?

                    If you want to hear more, I've got tons of them. Believe me, all kinds of crazy stuff happened in the three years that I worked there. If you want to hear some funny ones, ask me about the ghost hunts me and some of the chicken sh!t female nurses used to go on! I also have a couple from security jobs I worked back when I was going through the police academy.
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                      With all these posts, we should approach George Noory on Coast to

                      Coast AM and persuade him to have a show exclusively for Security

                      Stories! During my first Security job in Texas, I worked in a Holiday Inn

                      Express that had things like this happen. The only thing that I personally

                      experienced was a feeling of being watched during late-night rounds, although

                      I was told of apparitions in different parts of the hotel as well.
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                        I worked at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis in 2000-2001 and never saw one ghost. But I sure tired! I took pictures all over the grounds at midnight, and got a bunch of cool looking "orb" pictures, and thought I had something until someone explained to me that the "orbs" were dust particles being burned by the flash.
                        I also left recorders inside mausoleums and told the occupants that if they had something to say, now would be a good time. I'd retrieve the tapes a couple hours later and listen to them. Nothing!

                        A weird thing did happen to me last summer at a State Hospital we provide security for. The facility is 100+ years old, and was once a TB sanitarium. it has 6 buildings, mostly vacant, on 165 acres. Hundreds died there, in fact they once had their own cemetery.
                        The staff there love to tell the guards all kinds of scary stories to get them all worked up when they patrol the underground steam tunnels and vacant buildings.
                        There are a lot of bats in the buildings. Last summer I used a tennis racket to kill a bunch of them. One night, after doing bat patrol, I put the racket on a chair in the security office, where it remained for three days. On the fourth night, I was writing on my log when the tennis racket just fell off the chair on it's own. When it did, I felt a rush of cold air, which was strange since it was 90 degrees in the building. Thats the only thing that happened to me there that I couldn't explain away.
                        One of the other guards said he heard children's voices in the attic museum, and another guard saw a shadow figure on the CCTV. You can see it on the tapes, but I wouldn't say it was a ghost. Those tapes have been taped over dozens of times, so that could be a factor.
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                          EVP activity, if you believe in it at all, usually requires signal processing to reveal actual "spirit" or "unknown" voice traces.

                          EM radiation can also be, if you believe in it, a factor in EVP. Some have suggested that the recorders are picking up EMI, or other oddities.

                          An old experiment I saw in the late 1980s or early 1990s on a CBS show involved pointing a video cassette recorder (VHS) at a television. The cassette recorder out was plugged into RCA IN on the television, so that whatever the camera saw was displayed on the TV. Now, I say VCR, but I'm talking about a camera, the old VHS Camcorders, I guess we called em?

                          So, you had a loop going.

                          When the tape was played back, frame by fame, images of people's faces would appear. The funny part, is that when investigators (CBS?) researched the face images, some people were quite alive, so it couldn't be "faces of the dead."

                          I always thought that experiment interesting.
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                            Paranormal activities have recently captured the public's attention with such porgrams as "Haunting Evidence" and "Psychic Detectives." Law enforcement has been the recipient of such leads in their investigations. Just one more tool in their crime fighting arsenal.
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                              From everything I have heard, read or seen, spirits are much more likely to be active at or near the place of death, or a place or even person of significance during their life than at the place of burial.
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                                Originally posted by Andy Taylor View Post
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                                From everything I have heard, read or seen, spirits are much more likely to be active at or near the place of death, or a place or even person of significance during their life than at the place of burial.
                                If you believe the theory of imprinting, that would make much more sense. Since whatever it is is "tied" to the area of great trauma or emotion, why would it hang around an area where there is no trauma or emotion? The deceased wouldn't have any emotional import on their burial place, would they?

                                I would think that if something is "hanging around" a burial place, that it would be less due to their own burial, but more due to emotion around the shared plot, usually a loved one being there first.
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