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    I am not aware of any law in California that specifically states that you cannot be intoxicated while carrying a firearm. I know that most law enforcement departments, including mine have, have regulations against being intoxicated while carrying a firearm.

    I know I woud be in violation of federal law if I consumed alcohol while carrying my firearm soley on the authority of the Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act (most people know it as HR 218).

    Individuals in California who have a CCW are in jeopary of having their CCW revoked if they are caught drinking while carring a firearm. The department that issues the CCW can revoke it for "good cause".

    In my county it would be rare to find someone who has a CCW. Our Sheriff will not issue them.


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      Originally posted by N. A. Corbier View Post
      How many of you, CCW or police, carry a flashlight with your firearm reliably? Honestly, now.
      I carry a bright-as-hell LED penlight, along with my weapon, a reload (mag), folding knife of some sort, wallet, keys, cell, "space pen", and occasionally a small OC can.


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        In Missouri you can't have your weapon on you and have one drink. If you have one drink and get stoped with your weapon you lose your gun and your CCW.
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        Originally posted by Black Caesar
        some people just need killin!!!!! (Or Tasing, or pepper spraying or whatever).


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          Originally posted by Black Caesar View Post
          So i tell him, nicely, because i know he dosen't make much money and I didn't want anyone to be a A-hole to me while i was doing my job.
          If you do not mind what does money have to do with this?


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            Originally posted by hemi444 View Post
            If you do not mind what does money have to do with this?
            The more money I make, the higher my BS tolerance gets, i figure it's the same for a lot of people. The guy had it hard enough making very little money (something like 8 bucks an hour is what the contract guards at the county make), i don't want to make it harder if I don't have to.
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              Originally posted by Nabeel
              This post of mine is very beneficial and informative
              Says you.
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