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    Yes sorry should have been more specific. Yes you guys are right on the money. I just wanted a notebook to write duty notes for my own legal record.

    Thanks again



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      Finding out what happens to you in Texas if you record without explicit consent is a very good idea.
      Thanks, chief, got it covered...


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        I used to carry a 'reporters' notebook. They are skinny enough to carry in a vest or pack pants pocket. You can still buy them at a office supply store.
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          I love my note books and occurance books and have had to use them at court several times. The other guards have used my notes too.Most of the time its really small things that I write about that come in handy later on down the track. My notes were used to catch some people that broke into the bottle shop at work and I even had pics cut out of them from the paper , because I recognised them so kept the pics.
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            I've posted this awhile back in a notebook thread but it's worth posting again. Here's a source for a notebook that is specifically designed for LE or security field notes, with pages already consecutively numbered and a "front page" for identifying ownership and serially numbering your notebooks.

            Here's the link:

            Company is in Australia but you can order online as I've done (2 weeks delivery) and I presume that they might have US distributors. If not, I notice that "dealer enquiries are welcome" if any of you think you'd like to sell it.
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              I was asked by a colleague to send him over some Aussie Security Notebooks and they worked out to be about $8.00 US each. These are a bound book, in a PVC cover, pocket size, numbered book with individual number pages 1 - 128 with a 1/4" ruled margin (NFI why they have these). I agree with the previous posts (details, etc) but will include the conversations of I SAID `Stop hitting me`, HE SAID `NO I am going to hurt you bad`. These are what incident reports and statements should be taken from and often a defense lawyer is going to say I want to see the notebooks please.

              When I have done conduct interviews I ask for copies of these documents as I want to see how factual the statement was after the completion of the incident report. Yes I have asked to refer to my notebook in a matter in court and because my statement was based word for word it was never queried and often my colleagues will ask me to check on details of an arrest to confirm the details. Us old school were taught by ex police who told you - there is only 1 way - OUR WAY which has been done for decades and has never failed anyone yet.

              For notes, etc - I cut business card size slips of paper and insert them behind the clear covers for telephone numbers or information for people plus my business cards too.
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                For legal notes Hank1's suggestions are right on the money, though I would also suggest that your note book be non-perforated and glue bound, so it can be proven that you have not ripped any pages out. Security Consultant's recommendation of a reporter's note book is also very sound. Personally, I am still shocked that there are guards who do not carry some kind of pocket notebook. However, unless you are prone to getting rained on or sweating profusely, a $0.35 memo pad will work just as well.
                In addition I favor blue books for incident/investigations notes. They are 3-8 page long, paper bound, notebooks with cataloging fields on the front cover. I like the fact that I can devote an entire notebook to each incident with out excessive waste, and they can be picked up for $0.10-$0.65 each. I have no idea what the proper term for them is, but they are designed for teacher's to issue during tests involving essay questions. I pick mine up at the local college bookstore, I do not know what other types of stores might sell them.
                Do you maintain a pass down log/notebook to leave information for other shifts?

                Edit: I know it goes with out saying but ... Never Use White-Out!
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                  The notebooks I mentioned are exactly the same as what our police carry - except they have fancy external covers the books slide into. Where I worked at our stadium we had incident cards - pocket size cards with printed information on it (ie. offence, witnesses, police involved, arrest, etc) which were designed to speed up processing of ejected patrons from the stadium. I recall 1 day we had some 40 patrons to be processed in the charge room with that many outside so minor offences were let go with ejections from the stadium.
                  "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu