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    Dallas police to respond to business burglar alarms

    Almost 2 years ago, the City of Dallas begin the "Verified Response" policy for Commercial property alarms. Simply put, someone responsible for the property (usually the owner, or a Security officer) had to verify that a crime was being commitied before the police would respond. With residential alarms it was differant (residents are many times at home when a burglary occurs, placing them at risk, whereas a commerical property is usually closed and unihabited).

    Yesterday the Dallas city council repealed the policy after some arm twisting by the newly elected mayor looking to make a name for himself. One one side you have the Mayor, the Alarm industry, and small business owners who didn't want to pay for private security, on the other side was the Dallas PD and the Dallas Police Association, and Security patrol firms who responded to commercial alarms.

    Historically, something like 97% of commercial alarms here in Dallas were false alarms, sucking up thousands of police workforce man hours. In the article you'll see that the money saved by not having police respond was about the same as the money the city lost on false alarm fees. What's not mentioned as much is that police response times imporved after verified response went into affect, because cops weren't out on as many wild goose chases.

    Me personally I think it sucks. The PD is stuggling as it is, Dallas has the highest big city crime rate in America, and the private security patrols responding to business alarms were working. Now the city government has cowtowed to special interests, and the result will be a worsening situation for the general public, a futher stretch City PD and less business for those patrol firms whose Armed response officers were doing a good job.

    It irks me when people in power don't listen to the experts THEY hired to do a Job. The Dallas Chief warned them, but they just didn't listen. Ultimately this was about money, and money makes already short-sighted politicians even more short-sighted.
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