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  • Open Apology to HotelSecurity

    Dear Sir:

    I did not wish to 'hide" this apology as a private message since the posts involved were public.

    I felt that I had been very clear in restricting my observations to the developments in Canada during the past couple of decades. I am certainly not alone in my belief that Canada has been a much less reliable ally of the United States in recent years. There was nothing in what I said that has not been said by others, including intelligence analysts and even your own newspapers. In that sense, which is the very restricted sense I had intended, I can make no apologies nor retractions. Facts are facts.

    However, I certainly had no intention that such comments would be in any way applied to those Canadians who fought and died next to American and other Allied troops during World War II. During those years, Canada was indeed a faithful ally. It is sad to have to use the past tense when thinking about those brave men and women. I wonder what they would say about the course of Canadian diplomacy in recent years?

    As a matter of fact, I grew up in Canada (Alberta), and have both fondness and admiration for many of the individual Canadians I have known. So, for them as well as for you, I offer my sincere apology for failing to make the scope of my remarks clear so that you found insult where none was intended.
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    I disagree with Canada and Canadians all the time. But there are plenty of brace Canadians out there fighting along side our people. See below.

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      Thank-you SecTrainer. Canada's military role since World War II has been in peacekeeping. My father served in Korea. Our former Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson won the Nobel Prize for peace. This is what MOST Canadians want our military to do. We are very uncomfortable in places like Afganistan. If the US & Britain want to be the Free World's Police Force. good for them. Some FRIENDS disagree. (Tony Blair found out that the UK people did not want to be involved in Iraq & from what I see in the US neither do a lot of LOYAL American Citizens. I guess we will see how many in the 2 countries at the next elections!
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