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Contract can sometimes be aggravating.

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  • Contract can sometimes be aggravating.

    Contacting security, there are times I hate it. Anyone gone threw this? We are now in a kind of limbo. The consortium company that was going to take over security and maintenance has been challenged by another. They are stating the bid was done in bias or some such thing. We are still losing our supervisors come the end of September. No back up, no more proactive. Just about all of us have decided to cut back and just go into full observe and report mode until we know where we stand. Where we work some situations have been known to escalate. And having an S/O on patrol on your site has been instrumental at times. And we all know how long it takes an LEO to arrive for none emergency calls that you know have a chance to go south in minutes. Unlike our set up here with a patrolling S/O you just can't call them (PCSO/FHP) and advise them you are checking out something. G4S/TWC is ether going to have to ask for another 30 day extension on the contract or we all will ether be working on a day to day operation or they will bring in some out fit to cover. We just don’t know at this point. One of the main things I hate about contract. You may be employed, but that does not mean you will have a job. I hate these situations. Litigation can take anywhere from three months to a year. In the mean time no raise and working in limbo as to where this is going. The state (DOT) is pretty much tight lipped about it. And our office (G4S) is not giving much information ether. Both the state and the consortium outfit’s websites have little or no information of what’s going on. I wonder threw the information act we could find out more? For the most part we all are just along for the ride. In the mean time a few of us are looking for someplace else just in case.
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