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How to Defeat Terrorism

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    Originally posted by SecTrainer View Post
    Yes, and there's still a Flat Earth Society, and we never really landed on the moon - the whole thing was staged in Hollywood.

    Of course, you fail to mention that there are millions MORE "intellectual and everyday people" who find the "evidence" of your theories utterly insupportable. You conspirists make me laugh. You're the only half-dozen people in the world who "get it", aren't you?

    As for your knowledge about Islamic terrorism, the economics of oil, 9/11 and world events, if ignorance were a crime you'd be doing about 38 consecutive life sentences and pushing this crap out through the bars instead of posting it on the Internet.

    Fortunately for you, ignorance is not the crime it should be, but you can still be locked up. Be sure you stay one jump ahead of the nice men in white coats with the nets...they're on your trail. That's right - look behind you! Didn't that shrub just move?

    I have made an exception to my boycott of responding to anything you post ever since you insulted the Canadian military & REFUSED to apologize.

    I have reported your above post because it is not necessary to call someone you do not agree with a Turkey. I have made my statement, don't bother to respond because I will NEVER respond directly to you until you apologize for insulting Canadian soldiers who died for your type pf government.
    I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
    Security Officers. The 1st First Responders.