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  • Hmm, Protestors... (YouTube)

    Without getting into the illegal immigration debate, I present a video that you can watch other videos off of, on youtube.

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    These are videos taken by an anti-illegal immigrant group who holds "rallies" or "protests" in front of Home Depots.

    Home Depot seems, in this area, to be a gathering point for day laborers, possibly illegal or "undocumented" workers.

    It raises a few questions to me.

    1. Why are these large scores of loiters authorized to remain? Home Depot usually hires police or security to monitor their areas. The day laborers are obviously trespassing, and a hazard to vehicular traffic within the lot.

    2. Why are the protesters authorized to protest on private property, heckle customers (who are picking up day laborers who are also loitering), etc.

    There is one video with a very unsure of himself Securitas guard who becomes physical with the day laborers he is trying to make leave. He uses no actual control methods, pushing people and slapping at their hats while telling them "leave."

    The protestors are standing next to him, yelling at the men being ordered to leave. Other than the fact the guard was completely unarmed (not even a radio or cell phone exposed), the guard seemed to have no control over the situation, yet used force to little end. The laborers left simply because they chose to.
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