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  • Considering a change of venue


    Im usually a lurker around here, and chime in from time to time.

    Im currently a Mall Security/Public Safety Officer at a large mall in WI, and have been for 6 years now.

    I am considering applying for a position as a Hospital Security Officer at the Local Hospital which is only a couple minutes away from the mall.

    As far as my training is concerened, Ive been through MDTS, CPR/AED, and OC Defensive Tactics (OC Spray Training). Ive also been through some DAAT stuff through the Police Reserves and stuff like that.

    My question is, I know there are some slight differences between Hospital Security and Mall Security, is there a pay difference, or are they about the same? ( I mean generally, not property specific)

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    Pay depends on where you are and who does the security at the hospital, in house or contract.

    As for differences, I'd personally say there are more than a few slight ones, but it's something you have to experience for yourself.
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      When you contact the Hospital concerning this potential vacancy, ask for a copy of the 'job description' as this little document will give a better picture of the site duties/policies etc.

      Good luck with the lateral Career move!
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        I can only speak for around Minnesota, but hospital wages far exceed mall pay and the benefits are generally a lot better as well. The best paying mall gig around here is the Mall of America. Officers there can make $15 an hour if they're lucky. The hospitals around here have officers making more than $20 an hour. Not that pay is everything, but it sure helps.


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          Yeah, thats why I applied at the hospital here. Its the regional Trauma Center for SE Wisconsin, so they see a fair share of stuff. Right now there is a ton and I mean a ton of construction going on on the grounds to for large expansions.

          As far as the mall side, I think Ive just gotten burnt out. Even the little stupid things that other officers do irritate me, but considering Ive been there for 6 years and barely making $12/hr, not having a weekend off, without having to request it is just drawing me down.

          Im on a 9 day vacation right now, so we'll see if that helps, but I dont think so.


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            Pay is really gonna depend on wether it is contract or proprietary. And, believe me, there are more then just "slight" differences between malls and hospitals. I've done both, currently I've been at my hospital for a little over 5 years. I worked armed security at 2 malls, 1 in Saint Paul and 1 in Crystal. And those were a heck of a lot less dangerous then the hospital where I'm at now, and we're not armed... For me, the malls (which were armed contract) paid $10.25 per hour with no bennefits. The hospital that I work at now, which is un-armed "in-house", I currently make $21.32 per hour and will top out at about $22.20 per hour plus differentials and bennefits. I'd make the switch. Good luck!
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