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FBI Warns Public to Take Bomb Threats Seriously

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  • FBI Warns Public to Take Bomb Threats Seriously

    August 30th, 2007 @ 6:03pm
    Whit Johnson Reporting

    The FBI is following possible leads overseas into a series of bomb threats that have been made in as many as 12 states, including Utah.

    FBI agents held a news conference today in Salt Lake City to educate the public about these threats.

    Most of the threats turned out to be a hoax, and authorities were not able to locate any bombs or devices, but they are still warning the public to take all bomb threats seriously.

    Some of the threats caused a lot of commotion.

    Monday morning, Macey's grocery store in Orem was evacuated and searched twice after a caller claimed there was a bomb in the store and asked for money.

    On Tuesday, in Hutchinson, Kan., an anonymous caller actually demanded grocery store customers take off their clothes.

    That same day in Newport, R.I., Wal-Mart employees wired $10,000 to some sort of bank account.

    The threats have become an international investigation. "The main thing I think you have to do is each business has to be aware that these may occur. They should have a plan in place for what their employees should do," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Tim Fuhrman.

    The FBI is not releasing much information on the similarities between the threats, and it admits it's possible some of them are not related, but it is not taking the investigation lightly.

    Luckily nobody has been hurt as a result of the threats.

    FBI agents held a news conference today in Salt Lake City to educate the public about recent threats.
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    I just can't believe the store employees wired money to this caller. I mean, there is a bomb in the building, wire me money...duh...


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      If someone called me and ordered me to get undressed and send him money I'm hanging up. Seriously, these people are nuts to go along with this. Reminds me of the McDonalds managers who were tricked into strip searching a female emplyee by a caller. And the FBI is crazy if they think I care what they think. All of these calls and no bombs were found or any other evidance of the perpertrators even being within 500 miles? Give me a frelling break.
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        The person who taught me how tp react to bomb threats was Montreal Police's first Bomb Technician. He had plenty of real bombs to deal with during the mid 60's to early 70's with the Front de la Liberation du Qu├ębec that planted bombs in federal goverments things like post office boxes in English areas of Montreal.

        He said that GENERALLY a person calls BEFORE an explosion for 2 reasons. 1) There is a bomb & he wants to cause a disturbance but doesn't want people hurt 2) He wants to cause a disturbance but there is no bomb. If they want to kill people outright they call AFTER the explosion to take responsibility.

        Following these guidelines if I had something happening in the hotel that might attract a bomber AND we found a suspicious item I would evacuate. If we received a vague hang-up type call I would not. Our teacher told us when they call to prevent deaths beforehand they will usually call back if they do not see the building being evacuated. He said that evacuating every time a hang-up tyoe of threat is received encourages more threats.
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          litigation. theres always the off chance some teenage goon deposits a liter bottle of soda with draino and aluminum foil in the trash and the resulting noise causes 3 heart attacks and a miscarriage
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