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  • Richard Jewell Dead

    Richard Jewell found dead in home
    Olympic security guard suspected but cleared in bombing

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 08/29/07
    Richard Jewell, the Centennial Olympic Park security guard once suspected — but later cleared — in the bombing of the park during the 1996 Summer Games, was found dead Wednesday in his home in Meriwether County. He was 44.

    County coroner Johnny Worley said Jewell's wife discovered him dead in their Woodbury home at about 10:30 a.m., and he was pronounced dead by Worley about 45 minutes later.

    Worley said an autopsy would be performed by the GBI to determine how Jewell died, but added there was "no suspicion of foul play.

    "He had been having some pretty serious medical problems," Worley said.

    He said Jewell had been diagnosed with diabetes in February and had a couple of toes amputated.

    "He had been going downhill ever since," Worley said.

    Jewell returned to his job as a deputy with the Meriwether County Sheriff's Office over the summer, "but only for a couple of days," according to Worley.

    Jewell was initially lauded as a hero after a bomb went off at the July 27, 1996, Olympic celebration. He called attention to the suspicious knapsack that held a bomb and helped evacuate the area.

    But days later he became the FBI's chief suspect, as The AJC and other media outlets reported.

    The FBI later cleared Jewell of any wrongdoing. He was never charged with a crime.

    Eric Robert Rudolph pleaded guilty to the bombing in 2005 and is serving life in prison for it and other attacks.

    After he was cleared, Jewell sued the Journal-Constitution and other media outlets for libel, arguing that their reports defamed him. Several news organizations settled, including NBC and CNN.

    The Journal-Constitution did not settle. The newspaper has contended that at the time it published its reports, Jewell was a suspect, so the articles were accurate. The newspaper also has asserted that it was not reckless or malicious in its reports regarding Jewell. Much of Jewell's case was dismissed last year. One claim, based on reports about a 911 call, is pending trial.

    After the Olympics, Jewell worked as a law officer in a handful of small Georgia cities, including Luthersville, Senoia and Pendergrass.

    A year ago this month, Jewell was commended by Gov. Sonny Perdue at an event marking the 10th anniversary of the bombing.

    "The bottom line is this: His actions saved lives that day," said Perdue. "Mr. Jewell, on behalf of Georgia, we want to thank you for keeping Georgians safe and doing your job during the course of those Games."

    Jewell, his voice choked with emotion, responded:

    "I never sought to be a hero. I have always viewed myself as just one of the many trained professionals who simply did his or her job that tragic night. I wish I could have done more."

    — Staff writer Rhonda Cook contributed to this report.
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    The guy did his job, was punished for it and never fully regained the respect he deserved. Only 44 years old. It's sad he died so young. I hope his family finds peace.
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      The first and only time that an imminent terrorist act was thwarted on American soil, and it was done by a lowly....... "security guard".

      R.I.P. Mr. jewell


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        Originally posted by talon View Post
        The first and only time that an imminent terrorist act was thwarted on American soil, and it was done by a lowly....... "security guard".

        R.I.P. Mr. jewell
        Well said Talon. Well said......
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          some people always get the sticky end of the stick. He must be up for a big promotion upstairs for taking all the crud down here.
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            Why wasn't Mr. Jewell appointed head of the Dept. of Homeland Insanity, er, I mean "Security". He was the most qualified individual in the U.S., he had a proven track record of beating terrorists at their own game and saving citizens, not to mention was able to make the Feds apologize for their incompentence in their smear campaign, oops, I mean "investigation" of him.


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              because the feds hold grudges for people that make them loo bad. Quite a long list actually.
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                R.I.P. Mr Jewell. You are a true American Hero. Godspeed.
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