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  • Up the Corporate ladder.

    There is a SO named Herb (not his real name)

    For years Herb did his job as asked. Always answered the phone on on-call days. Worked when others couldn't make it for some reason. Accepted assignments when others rfused to go where there may be snakes. Stood those lonely 12 hour night posts where there use no human for miles, and sometimes no communication. Watched over assignments where there was no protection from the elements but a vehicle. Some of the SO's said he was easy for taking on those "stupid assignments". A couple fellow SO's called him an idiot. Without really knowing Herb, a few talked about his lack of education. Some made light of him in his presence. Twice, an SO blamed Herb for something he didn't do. Some of these folks were suck-ups while others were ladder climbers. Ole Herb just kept smiling and doing the job as assigned. Herb also continued his education. Herb became trained and certified in several "items", but never bragged or even told anyone.

    During a meeting the other day the Corporate President walked into the room with Herb. "I'm pleased to announce we have a new Project Manager. The new Project Manager will have full responsibiliy for all security contracts. Herb has graciously accepted the position and we are certain he will be a great asset to the company."

    Six people turned pale.
    Four peoples jaws fell to wide open.
    Two people fainted.
    Three people ran to get Herb a fresh cup of coffee.
    One person resigned on the spot.

    But, Herb is still Herb and today is a new day.

    "The person you step on today, may be the person you step aside for tomorrow."
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    OMG. Adinistration. Can you move this to General Discussions please. Sorry, I entered it here. Musta been a braincramp.


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      Nice Story. I wish the best for Herb Greatest Comedy team ever!