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    Originally Posted by Maelstrom
    Oddly enough (in this State) the 'bladed stance' is considered aggressive posturing and an elevation of the SO's Force Continuum, with the increase of CCTV, litigation & aggressive encounters for SO's, recent training now emphasises a 'squared on' approach as it looks less aggressive
    Originally posted by Andy Taylor View Post
    You have got to be kidding. I for one will not be doing any security work in your state.
    It'd be one heck of a commute
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      Originally posted by N. A. Corbier View Post
      If you screw up on an LVNR, you can crush the windpipe and cause death. The idea behind the LVNR is that you apply pressure to the sides of the neck, cutting off the blood supply.

      A proper LVNR will cut off blood supply, not air supply. Of course, applying one properly takes skill and practice, and it could be deadly if not applied correctly.

      I thought he pulled it off flawlessly... Very smooth, and as soon as the subject went limp, he released.
      Apparently a HUGE cop wannabe...