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    In the news:
    After escalating tensions and assaults, a Wackenhut airport security guard was arrested for threatening to kill a Pacific Wings pilot at the Kahului Airport in Maui, Hawaii. The Wackenhut guard was later banned from working on any state property or facility. This fresh threat comes just weeks after another Wackenhut guard assaulted the
    president and another employee of Pacific Wings, a small interisland carrier. The tensions stretch back into last year when Pacific Wings staff felt "pressured" by Wackenhut to allow a passenger to board a flight without proper identification, according to press reports. The Maui News wrote in their editorial pages that the incident ?may be indicative of a more encompassing problem involving security guards hired by a Mainland company under contract with the state?Wackenhut.?

    Just recived this email from someone.

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    due diligence reporting

    Guys, I'm not seeking to single out Hemi, but before posting this kind of stuff, please spend a minute Googling it and link/post some more info. If you get these reports and email forwards about "security-gone-bad", certainly take some time to try to verify the source. You want to make very sure that you are not libeling a company.

    All I ask is that you peform due diligence and research this info before slamming a company without providing much info at all. If someone or some business has screwed up, by all means, these are the discussion forums to discuss that in, but let's give everyone a benefit of the doubt until we have enough facts and sources to make the "case."

    That said, here are some reports from Maui Airport regarding Wackenhut that I think you might be interested in reading (and this incident didn't sound good!):

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    Geoff Kohl, editor