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    Phantom Bin Pooper

    Phantom Bin Pooper

    I never encountered this fellow doing this, but he'd apparently done this on a site I'd worked a few weeks earlier, and I'd worked with the guilty party on a few occassions.

    I hear a story about this guy I'd worked with before - we'll call him Vince from a Mobile SO:

    This site is a storage place for council vehicles and road gritting materials. Bear in mind, the times i've worked at this place before, I'd been told to be careful while on patrol down the bottom of the site as it was muddy, the toilet facilities comprised of a single chemical toilet about 75 yards away, as the toilet cubicle for the site was completely broken and so it was cordoned off. But the trip to the toilet itself, isn't muddy, just further down the site is.

    So Vince who has been on a dayshift over the weekend there, locks up the cabin when he hears Frank (the nightshift guard) arrive on site hands him the keys with a cursory "nothing new to handover" - handover. Frank who is ever the efficient guard, decides to have a quick look around before he's even gone into the office... he walks around site, noting nothing is amiss. He passes the chemical loo and decides to pay a visit to evacuate himself. Finishes and heads back to the office... opens up and as he enters notices the smell. Thinking he's had an accident and not sufficiently wiped, drops his trousers and does the check - nothing. Deciding it must be in an area he can't see, he goes BACK to the toilet, and checks - nothing. He goes back to the office. The smell is still there. He looks on the floor in case it might be him dragging faeces on the bottom of his shoe, he even checks his shoe - nothing. By this time the smell is so overpowering he's finding it difficult not to feel queasy in the office, so he opens windows and the doors. He goes outside to leave the office a few minutes to see if the smell disapates. It doesn't, the smell still lingers. Feeling really queasy he phones the Mobile SO, who is about half an hour away and says he's on his way back. The Mobile SO arrives and he actualy pukes up because of the smell, but covering their noses with clothing they locate the source of the smell.

    The bin.

    With what was described to me as a several visits fill up from a man who'd obviously been eating spicy foods the night before and thrown assorted other bits of rubbish on top. Said bin was thrown out and when Vince was asked if he'd left the feaces in the bin said plainly..."oh i thought I'd emptied that." When he was asked about why he'd dumped in the bin and not used the toilet he'd said "it was too dark down site and I didn't want to get muddy!"

    I hear that Vince just got a verbal warning because of this.
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      "The Fountain (TF)" was another workmate we enjoyed working with - in the middle of winter (our winters MAY go down to 30's for a few hours in the middle of the night), TF would take a squirt outside the Security Office if he was unable to leave the post due to ops needs. One night I visited the site (just riding shotgun with the new Ops Mgr for 2 nights to show him around) when we came in on high beam to see TF gushing out another 3 coffee's worth into the cold air ........... needless to say I had to remind him about the importance of company presentation and some decorum too.
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