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Fascinating turn of events from my past!

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  • Fascinating turn of events from my past!

    Well, I am not sure why, but its good reading!

    A while back I posted that I had dropped my resignation. I figured I would share what happened on my way out!

    As we remember, there was some interesting news of what was happening at my mall. A few had taken a guess, and yes, it was being sold. Whats interesting, is that the sale date came and passed. I had to leave there a week early sue to that "so wonderful" supervisor being so easy to get along with, and such a mature adult person! Ahh, he was wonderful! After he got my notice, I think he may have thought I had the black plague, as he never spoke to me again! Poor guy was worried he may catch it being around me! The cool politics rose, as he had many kind things to say about me, to add that "I had lied to him".. How that fits, I am not sure! LOL!

    Well, with the sale taking place, my former supervisor who was upset at me severely for bailing on him during his time of need, decided to bail on the corporation, and sign in with the new purchaser under contract, then put his notice in with our old corporation. He got himself a nice new office, and now does what he can to stick it to our former corporation. The guy used to brag about how he was the corporate man and doesnt "throw anyone under the bus"... Hmm!

    Our old regional came down today, and was upset. The old corporation has lost the contract completely, and the Security department is being bought out by a sister corp to the mall purchaser.

    Whats even better, I had trained up a supervisor under me (who posts here), to do my job. The guy is pretty sharp, and needed a chance to prove himself. So, in my last week, knowing how arguementative my regional was, I never informed them of my departure, and this supersivor stepped up to the plate and took over the department. Of course the regional doesnt like to promote within as he fears the comradadery thing. My predocessor was given key pointers to who he needed to befriend, and did so.

    During this nice little visit from the regional, he found out that my predocessor had been running the show for some time, in my postion, and was very upset with me. His only response since he had lost complete control over the department by means of the supervisor who signed over with the purchaser, and the fact that he couldnt replace the "self installedDirector" was "Well, since you made yourself Director, its yours. Nothing I can do about it" and left upset.

    I think the moral to the story, aside from winning one over a corporation, is that in Security, just like LE, there is politics. But knowing how to play it, and taking time to educate those beneath us to play to win, especially those that may not stand a chance otherwise, as a good leader its really an internal responsiblity I like to see come out on top. God I love it when the underdog wins for once, and those that have what it really takes to be leaders, succeed!

    Congrats Nhoits!
    Deputy Sheriff

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    You are right.....What a turn of events lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol LMFAO lol lo ROTFLMAO ROTFLMAO lol lol