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    As a correctional agent I start at 18.52 as soon as I get over 8 hours a day I get 27.78 an hour even if I d'ont have my 40 hours.For example it's my first day of the week let's say monday.I got 0 hours done.I'm scheduled for a 16 hours shift(happens alot).

    8 hours at 18.52
    8 hours overtime at 27.78...

    Some guys can reach 100 000 a year with 4-5 overtime per pay.
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      According to our national labor agreement that covers nearly all the companies, all hours above 162 per month are overtime (we get paid once a month).

      EVERYONE does some overtime, it´s very rare to see a 162 hour schedule. During the 4 years and half on the job, I´ve never discussed this issue with my supervisor. I don´t really need overtime, but some doesen´t hurt either, so I just do the hours I´m assigned, usually 180-230. Anything above that is way too much, but very unusual. Most I´ve ever done has been 250 hours...I´ve done it twice and I hope there´s not a third.

      As for getting called in my free days, it varies a lot from month to month. Some I don´t get called any day, others, I get calls almost every day. I have id caller in my phone, so it´s really up to me to get some more overtime or not. They can´t complain "I´m not at home" when they call, can´t they?

      Since I know who belong to the phone extensions, if it´s my supervisor who´s calling I usually answer, but if it´s the CAC (Center of Assistance and Control) I know what they always want (to cover some shift god-knows-where), so I very rarely answer. I always feel a bit guilty when I do this, since there´s probably some guy desperate to get a relief, but I´m sorry; I have a life outside my job, too.


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        Being a Security Shift Supervisor/Sergeant, I am mandated 40 hours/week. We get paid every 2 weeks. We actually had a meeting where they said that $0.00 was budgeted for overtime. I can get OT if I chose to provided I can justify the cause. Most times, I can stay over at my leisure and nobody will bat an eye. I try not to abuse this though.
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          "Overtime" Man, that cracks me up. The big joke in Newfoundland was that overtime was working 100 hours in a one week then passing out.

          Sad, so very sad.
          Rule #1: Go home at the end of the day in an upright position, with everything attached, and with peace of mind for having done the job well.
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            Its things like this the employee remembers when all of a sudden on our day off we get a phone call from a supervisor or account manager asking if we can come in and "save the day" and cover a shift or post..I look at it like I can either ignore the call completely or I can pick up and tell them "sorry no can do"

            That's why I love Caller ID on my TV set (I have Satellite ); I can see if my Boss is calling and don't even hafta git up outta mah comfy chair. Say hello to my answering machine...

            And forget my cell phone, I don't get service at home. Actually, most times I don't get my voicemails for a day or two after they've been sent... wierd...
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              Originally posted by Security Mike
              Yeah the company I used to work for was all for offering some Overtime, but that was only when they were stuck in a jam and or risked losing an account because someone didnt show up or they couldnt get someome to cover the basically it was like they were reluctantly giving overtime.

              Exactly, and its a shame more companies cant figure that out. When I was with Wackenhut, if they ever needed me for OT I tried to cover it if I could. Why? Because on the flipside they worked at getting me my time off requests and if I ever said "Hey, I could use some extra hours next month" they would give me top priority for some special short-term, no training, temporary accounts.
              "Alright guys listen up, ya'll have probably heard this before, Jackson vs. Securiplex corporation; I am a private security officer, I have no State or governmental authority. I stand as an ordinary citizen. I have no right to; detain, interrogate or otherwise interfere with your personal property-... basically all that means is I'm a cop."-Officer Ernie
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                Work it, man!

                I just worked four straight fourteen hour days. Counting the one eight hour day, that's sixty-four hours. My WEEKEND security job adds another twenty. I have worked 70 hour weeks, four weeks or more in a row at only my weekday security job. I'm allowed a DVD player; at least, no one has told me NOT to bring it (Thank God. No, that's not blasphemy. Really. Thank God!!!) and I have Netflix; Blockbluster and a library carrying DVDs is near my home. Reading makes me sleepy; moving pictures keeps me awake. However, one very swiftly gets trounced by the "Law of Diminishing Returns": I called a certain fast food restuarant with delivery each day. If you're not careful, you may miss getting a payment for a bill into the mail, and you wind up in collections. The inactivity dramatically affects your cardiovascular health, and all the sitting could give rise to blood clots in your legs. Your muscles begin to waste away because you don't have time to go to the gymn only a few blocks away. You get bored, lonely, and begin to feel isolated. Therefore, you want to yack with whichever employee, food vendor and otherwise comes around(texting your girlfriend on your cell is verboten. This got the last officer in hot water) Getting too chatty can get you into trouble, particularly if not everyone around you is security officer -friendly(avoid in particular chatting with the females, especially the attractive ones...).That way, some evil woman who feels she doesn't get enough attention from her supervisor, boyfriend, hubby, or all three can appear to be desirable to her peers by screaming that you've come on to her. Secretly, she's salivating at the prospect of all the attention she'll get then (human resources of her company, YOUR supervisor, wife, girlfriend, etc.; not to mention HER jealous significant other, etc.). Some vindictive person, mad for whatever reason at the bloke who held this post BEFORE you, can then strut around like they were actually powerful enough to take the "security man's" job (they are oblivious to the fact that you've simply been re-posted, but you won't get the chance to stick your tongue out at them and say, "Nyah-nyah!", or shout out the much mulled-over speech you've prepared in your mind for just such a travesty...) Then you'll lose all future OT there, because you'll be re-posted (not to mention your dignity). If you had become established enough at this post to join the local gymn, have a PO box at the local post office, etc., this, along with losing all that cherished OT, can turn your life topsy-turvy. IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?
                I use the standard, "Hey, dispatch, I'd love to do that because you know how greedy for OT I am. It's just that I have to help watch the kids that day!"


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                  my company hands out overtime like nobody's business. Anyone can work as much or as little as they want. I usually work 50 hours +- each week and I could work way more if I wanted to. I like it but sometimes I can get forced overtime which isn't any fun if I have plans or just don't want to work. I like the extra money on my paycheck though


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                    The Cost

                    Really, dost a draught through trembling lips from the Holy Grail of OT only benefit thee to a point? I would contest this matter of OT!
                    Could some of that time spent in OT best be spent attending some classes at a local college, or online, so you're still not a security guard at 100?


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                      Originally posted by izeneers View Post
                      Really, dost a draught through trembling lips from the Holy Grail of OT only benefit thee to a point? I would contest this matter of OT!
                      Could some of that time spent in OT best be spent attending some classes at a local college, or online, so you're still not a security guard at 100?
                      What's wrong with being a security guard? I took courses at college (Police Technology & EMT-A). I'm 51 more than half way to 100!
                      I enforce rules and regulations, not laws.
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                        Sorry, Hotel...

                        ...don't get me wrong. I just know that as for myself, I was put together for other (not necessarily better across the board...)things. However, I am a darn good guard, and reps of various posts often request me...nice to be appreciated.
                        Also, I think (and hope...)that attitudes towards "flashlight cops" vary across the country. There's quite a bit of vocational prejudice here. In Japan (at least at one time...) it was not whether you were a doctor, lawyer, or security guard. The question was, were you a GOOD doctor, lawyer, or security guard. They still tend to have this strong sense of nationalism, like a hive of bees. Incidently, this island country has competed very strongly with others (like the USA, for instance...)in many areas. Is there a correlation, perhaps?