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  • What would you have done?

    About half an hour ago I was standing in line at the grocery store waiting to pay for my purchase when a guy walked in wearing a winter skull cap pulled down so low that it was difficult to see his eyes, as well as a hooded sweatshirt. What is unusual about that is the fact that the temperature here is in the mid 90s. Now, understand that I was not working, but I have a concealed carry permit and on this occasion, I was carrying my gun in a SmartCarry holster. When I saw this fellow stand right behind me in line, I inconspicuously pulled the butt of my gun up to make it more accessible in case something happened. Nothing did happen, and I paid for my groceries and left; can't say if anything happened after I left, however.

    I guess what I want to know is what if this would have happened at work? How would all of you have responded? I have seen my share of shady looking people while at work, but never anything quite like this. I suppose I probably would have kept a safe distance from the perp while unsnapping the retention snap as a precautionary measure, and snapping it back when the danger passes.

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    Since I work in uniform, I would certainly make myself visible to the person. I would further make my intent known by defeating my first stage of retention. Of course, it would go back after the percieved threat was gone.


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      I would take my cell phone & call 9-1-1.
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        Originally posted by HotelSecurity View Post
        I would take my cell phone & call 9-1-1.
        Ditto. If something doesn't seem right there's usually a good reason. It's always best to err on the side of caution. Even if it's nothing, it's better than doing nothing and having something happen and then living with the consequences/ remorse of knowing you could have made the difference.
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          It depends where you live. In the inter city that is normal dress no matter what the weather. The other day two girls came into a store I was shopping at with long sleeve winter type hoodies. Training told me what that usually means but when I'm off then I will let someone else worry about what they are up to as long as no one is getting physically hurt. BTW I also have a LTC/CCW/ UFO/UPS/USO /BSA/and a C3PO. You did the right thing IMO.


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            If in uniform, as someone else said, making yourself visible as to be a deterrent is probably the primary course of action.

            I am of two minds about calling the police. I always train people to trust their instincts. If you thought that something was wrong, it probably was. On-the-other-hand, when I was a cop, I know that patrol units were slower to respond to calls from places that issued lots of false alarms. I don't think I would call until something illegal was happening, but would monitor the situation closely and be ready to call.

            As far as when you are standing in line, off duty, that is a much tougher situation, especially with the person being behind you in line. Suppose it was a robbery, if you were to draw your weapon, would you be more likely to solve the problem or escalate it into a shoot out or hostage situation? I wasn't there and I can't answer that question. You however, should run all the possible scenarios through your head. Often, even armed, the best thing to do in that situation is nothing (except observe and report). Let the teller hand over the cash and let the cops deal with the situation when there are no honest bystanders.

            Just food for thought.

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              My handgun would have been my last choice, instead I'd 911 as previously stated. The situation as previously stated could have gone South in a heartbeat. I would always counsel to exercise extreme caution. Innocent lives must always be a priority.
              Enjoy the day,


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                If I was in line and they were behind me I would step out of line as if I was getting something else, I would rather be behind them than in front.

                I have actually had to call the police because 3 people that came into the mall were fully casing the place . I rang 000 and while I was speaking to the operator the woman that was with them was pretending to look in shop windows and gradually came up my way and was from what I could gather trying to see if I was armed (or checking me out) I actually had to make out like I was talking to my husband and told the operator that its the bakery at the other mall that I work at that is open longer and the one at xxxx where Im at tonight closes early. A uniformed officer come up and made out like he was going into the shops and asked them their names but couldnt do anything to them because they hadnt actually broken the law. 2 nights later the bottleo had their window smashed and the camera footage was of the same people. They looked straight up at the camera facing towards the entrance not knowing there was another one facing them.


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                  I would observe as a witness , when the suspect was apprehended later. I'd call 911 after it was over.

                  Be safe,

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                    Well Was there A store manger around? OR 911

                    He might of notice you watching himor felt that someone was. And back off also.


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                      Originally posted by Bill Warnock View Post
                      My handgun would have been my last choice, instead I'd 911 as previously stated. The situation as previously stated could have gone South in a heartbeat. I would always counsel to exercise extreme caution. Innocent lives must always be a priority.
                      Enjoy the day,
                      I definitely concur with what, Bill has mentioned. I work in uniform and plain clothes. The thing to consider is that you may "think" it was inconspicuous, but one can never be 100% sure that the subject didn't notice. My firearm is the absolute last resort. Even if he attempted a robbery with a handgun, I still wouldn't have gun faced him, or even unsnapped on my holster. Actually, my off-duty holster doesn't have a snap, just a release button. Anyway, unless he became an active shooter, I'd just be the best witness. Once he exted the venue i'd keep a walking surveillance on him at a safe and reasonible distance. While the CCW/LTC are nice, they like everything else have a time and place. You may think you're doing the right thing, but you could actually make matters worse. What if he takes a hostage, because you weren't in his game plan? What do you do then? What if theres another knucklehead that you didn't notice? Lots of things to consider... just be a good witness.
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                        Keep in mind that very few armed robberies involve injury and the clearance rate is about 50%, so yeah, you're probably better off being a really good witness.


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                          Originally posted by ozsecuritychic View Post
                          If I was in line and they were behind me I would step out of line as if I was getting something else, I would rather be behind them than in front.

                          +1 on that, how are you supposed to call 911 on the guy directly behind you in line?

                          Never let the bad guy get behind you, even if your not sure about the bad guys status. Better to be cautious and have to wait a few extra minutes in line.

                          If I was carrying in a Smart Carry when this happened, I would have discreetly switched to pocket carry with my hand on the gun inside my pocket.
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                            The uniform is usually a good deterrent in and of itself, whether you are Police or security, armed or unarmed. I have noticed several times when people who were just "hanging out" at a gas station near my work where I stop to pick up a drink tend to dissipate when I or other security people show up.

                            If I was hinky about someone I was in line with and I was not in uniform and I was carrying, I would probably step to the side and observe until the suspicious activity was done. If nothing happened, nothing happened. If something did go down, then I would be a good witness. If a weapon was pulled and I believed a life was in danger, I would be positioned to react.


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                              Be polite and courtious and allow the fine gentlemen to go ahead of me. Then he is in front of me and not on my 6.

                              Out of Uniform.

                              Pretend I forgot something and had to go and get it. "Shoot she's gonna kill me if I don't get....."

                              No puns were intended in this post, LOL
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